Most Bankable Stars: Meredith Vieira

Jan 6, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Last year’s ranking: Unranked
It took five years, but the continued success of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” in syndication has finally landed host Meredith Vieira in the rankings for “Most Bankable Stars.”
“It’s a rock-solid game, and Meredith is low-key and the perfect host,” said one participant. “She still knows it’s all about the game.”
The series ranks third among game shows with a 2.9. Ms. Vieira just completed her 1,000th episode as host of the show, which is cleared through the 2010-11 season. But with her contract up in February and no renewal officially announced, fans of the show have bombarded Web sites begging for a contract extension.
Ms. Vieira’s schedule clearly has been busy since she took over for Katie Couric as co-host of “Today.”
However, industry sources said it appears unlikely that the show will switch hosts; they expect a deal to be announced sometime closer to NATPE, later this month. However, fans also expected Regis Philbin to be named host originally, so surprises have happened.
“She is keeping ‘Millionaire’ in the top 20,” reminded one panelist.


  1. So many thought Katie could not be replaced, and indeed had nightmares the Today show would hear its own death knell. NOT SO. Meredith brought in a new personality, talent to talk to anybody, historical knowledge enough to talk to kings and queens, low lifes and exec. alike. She fits right in there with Al Roker, Matt, and Ann. So many times I have walked away from the TV when the first 2 hours are up. If you want to do some culling to a. m. TV. replace about half of the cast of the last hour in the morning and send Mrs. Gifford to do the weather from Outer Mongolia on a once a month basis. She has the worst manners of anyone on the air. Godzilla at least was regular at what he did. One never knows what to expect from Mrs. Gifford. She is rude, extremely juvenile, tasteless. I still wonder why you got rid of her on one talk show and propped her up on another. Hoda, we all feel for you baby.

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