‘Plastic’ Makes NATPE Lineup for Breakthrough

Jan 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Breakthrough Entertainment announced its lineup of NATPE programming, including the second season of “Plastic Makes Perfect” and a documentary that imagines the world without the United States.
Breakthrough is preparing a new slate of programming including 13 30-minute episodes of “Think Big,” a series that highlights child inventors; “The World Without the U.S.,” a documentary that investigates U.S. foreign policy and how it affects the world; and 13 30-minute episodes of “Less Than Kind,” a drama about a fat Jewish kid dealing with his dysfunctional family.
New seasons are available for “Atomic Betty,” an animated series following the space-traveling Betty; “Captain Flamingo,” about a pink-headgear-wearing freedom fighter for kids everywhere; “Paradise Falls,” a drama that follows a town that looks like paradise but hides a dark secret; “The Re-Inventors,” a reality show that sees its hosts rebuild inventions from old patents; and “Plastic Makes Perfect,” a hidden-camera series researching beauty myths.


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