QuickTakes: Do you view the cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards as a victory for the Writers Guild?

Jan 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“The cancellation of the Golden Globes isn’t a victory for anyone, including the Writers Guild. Although I sympathize with the writers, they lost points by trying to bully NBC and the HFPA with threats of picketing the ‘news conference.’ Wasn’t getting the awards show canceled enough?”
—Libby Gill, brand strategist and columnist
“Canceling anything rarely feels like a victory for anyone. But it does show a helluva lot of resolve and unity on the writers’ part … kind of a rare thing in these times and places.”
—Gary Lico, president-CEO, CABLEready


  1. The real loosers in canceling the Golden Globes are the people of Los Angles… the everyday people who benefit from all the hords of people who decend on the city for the “events and parties” surrounding the Globes. The hairdressers, the hotels workers, the tour guides, the merchants, the designers, the waiters, the taxi drivers, even the people who make the party favors all loose. NBC saved production costs and didn’t lose much in advertising revenues so who can really call the writers the “Winners”. The awards will be given out anyway. Have the big ceremonies and parties… just not on TV and let the people of Los Angles be winners.

  2. No one is a winner here. Studios look ridiculous to viewers like me, who watch more and more on my laptop and other mobile, and – as far as I can tell from all the different news sources – they’re stalling on paying writers rightful money for wherever I watch stuff.
    Since they’re the ones with the fulltime corporate staff jobs, how am I supposed to believe show-by-show writers don’t want to work and are holding people up? So no…the writers aren’t winners here, and neither is anyone else until the studios get with the future and update these people’s pay to include all screens or whatever.
    I totally keep up with episodes of my favorite shows online, on my tivo, wherever and hope the creators are all fairly compensated.

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