Rosenberg Enters New Era

Jan 20, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Former Universal worldwide and domestic television President Steve Rosenberg has acquired AdOn Network and Prime Visibility, merging them to create Prime Visibility Media Group, with the goal of maximizing the business model for the digital industry.
The newly integrated company will combine the strengths of the two companies, complementing the services of AdOn Network, a leader in providing innovative contextual and behavioral advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, with those of Prime Visibility, a rapidly expanding search-engine marketing (SEM) company specializing in search-engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC).
“By combining the strengths of these companies, monetizing content and search-engine optimization, we can help businesses be able to navigate a difficult industry,” said Mr. Rosenberg, who will serve as CEO of PVMG. “While each of these two companies was strong on its own, the combination of the two now gives each other the juice they wouldn’t get growing organically.”
With the deals completed, PV Media Group now will leverage its experience in the traditional and new-media worlds with its ad network and SEO/SEM capabilities, as well as expanding its client list to include media (broadcast, cable, entertainment) and other publishers looking to improve their search listing rankings, deliver quantifiable online audiences and generate greater ad revenue. PV Media Group will acquire other complementary assets in the future.
During his 20-year career at Universal, Mr. Rosenberg created a dual-platform model of selling first-run programming simultaneously to both broadcast stations and cable networks. He was involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions, including the studio’s 1997 purchase and integration of talk show giant Multimedia Entertainment.
“There are a lot of parallels you can connect between the early days of television and the syndication business with the new-media business,” he said. “If you can monetize sites and generate more aggregation toward sites and generate real estate toward the sites while selling that across an overall network, it’s really a very similar model to syndication.”
Seth R. Page has been tapped as the new company’s chief operating officer while Richard O’Conner, former VP of finance and operations for Universal Domestic Television, will serve as chief financial officer. Steve Armstrong, president of AdOn Network, and Andrew Hazen, president of Prime Visibility, will continue to lead their management teams.
“PV Media Group will be very opportunistic about putting stakes in all forms of the thriving interactivity sector,” Mr. Rosenberg said.


  1. Don’t believe all you hear about Prime Visibility. I asked them for their “free” evaluation of my site. They never responded.
    I called and spoke at length with one of their reps who promised to get back to me with a marketing plan. I never got a call back.
    I called Andrew personally to let him know how I was treated. He did not care enough to respond.
    I think courtesy is important no matter how big you get and obviously Prime Visibility does not have those values.
    One mistake or non response is a mistake.
    Two mistakes or non responses is sloppy.
    Three mistakes or non responses is just totally unacceptable by anyone who really has integrity.

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