TV Watching About the Same as Before WGA Strike, Survey Says

Jan 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Most viewers say they are watching the same amount of television as they did before the Writers Guild of America strike began, according to a new survey conducted for ad buyer Carat.
Among the 1,000 adults interviewed in the research, 72% said they were watching the same amount of prime-time TV as they did before the strike, while 25% said they were watching less. The other 3% said they were watching more TV.
But consumers are changing what they’re watching in prime time when new episodes of their favorite shows aren’t available.
Only 16% of those surveyed said they would watch repeats of their favorite shows. Among those who said they wouldn’t or might not watch reruns, 54% said they would go online; 51% said they would channel-surf until they found something else to watch; 42% said they would rent or watch DVDs; 38% said they would watch DVDs they already owned; 32% said they would watch other prime-time shows; and 20% said they would play video games.
Overall, 95% of those surveyed were aware of the writers strike.
“This research is a part of our company’s ongoing interest in observing media consumption and unlocking and activating consumer behavior,” said Sarah Fay, CEO of Carat and Isobar U.S.


  1. Your headline writer missed the point on this story. If 25% of respondents are watching less tv and only 3% are watching more, that’s a signficant downshift. Why focus on the sector that’s unaffected? That would be like reporting a Presidential election by saying, Most Americans Still Not Voting.

  2. You did a good job.

  3. @person below – you are wrong. just sayin’ … !

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