Endeavor Ups Klein to Partner

Feb 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Following a string of successful alternative television scores, agent Lance Klein has been promoted to partner at Endeavor.
“We’re so pleased to welcome Lance Klein to the partnership,” the Endeavor partners said in a joint statement. “Lance has earned the respect of his clients, his colleagues at Endeavor and executives in the industry. It’s an incredible time for our television department, and Lance’s increased role at the agency will only add to that.”
Recent deals completed by the agent include extending the UFC deal at Spike through 2011; bringing the World Extreme Cagefighting to Versus; and putting together “The Millionaire Matchmaker” at Bravo, “The Moment of Truth” at Fox and “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew” at MTV.
Before joining Endeavor in 2002, Mr. Klein was an agent in the television packaging department of International Creative Management.
He joins 22 partners at Endeavor: Adriana Alberghetti, Michelle Bohan, Christopher Donnelly, Ariel Emanuel, Ari Greenburg, Paul Haas, Greg Hodes, Adam Isaacs, Brandt Joel, Nancy Josephson, Robert Newman, Sean Perry, Philip Raskind, Rick Rosen, Elyse Scherz, Matt Solo, Jason Spitz, Tom Strickler, Brian Swardstrom, Adam Venit, Richard Weitz and Patrick Whitesell. The agency was founded in 1995.


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