Ferguson Wins a Week

Feb 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” on CBS has reached a ratings milestone in an unusual week.
For the first time in a week of head-to-head originals, “Late Late” beat NBC’s “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” in total viewers for the week ending Feb. 8, according to national data from Nielsen Media Research.
Because CBS News coverage of Super Tuesday disrupted the CBS late-night schedule in some time zones, Mr. Ferguson’s Tuesday night/Wednesday morning show was not included in the weekly average.
Mr. Ferguson, who has just observed his third anniversary as “Late Late” host,” averaged 1.85 million total viewers. Mr. O’Brien, who is scheduled to take over “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno in 2009, averaged 1.82 million total viewers.
The two shows were tied in adults 25-54.
NBC said that if the Tuesday night had been included in “Late Late’s” average, the CBS show would not have had the higher average. NBC also noted that Tuesday nights have been “Late Late’s” weakest night in 18 of the last 20 weeks.


  1. Uh lemmie get this straight. The only way the Late Late Show bested Conan O’Brian’s show is if you take out the LLShow’s worst night, don’t include Friday, and the host, Mr. Ferguson, acts like a 4 year old space cadet? Hang on. Before any of Mr. Ferguson’s more rabid fans (you know who you are ladies LOL WINN) start coming my way with the pitch forks, I’m a Late Late Show fan. Really ladies I am. Just puzzling over why this week? Perhaps we’re all abit dizzy from the flu. Or maybe political ADD? So how bout it ladies 🙂

  2. Because my post here unexpectedly touched a nerve. Who knew? A point of clarification.
    You’re on the wrong scent there GingerBird. You did see the part where I wrote AND I quote -ahem-
    “I’m a Late Late Show fan.”
    And have been since his tryout week. And have been watching and laughing out loud ever since. Can’t say I’ve miss too many shows. That’s alot of shows. Trust me.
    But me with my roots going back to ancient Scotland and my very loving and VERY SWEET and VERY KIND mixed breed dogs who I RESCUED and LOVE as family are lovers not fighters. (If that clarifies your post there GingerBird. And if you could do same on your post thank you very much.)
    Thought I might need to add this to the original post.
    Seen in context of Chaucer? I think that Thursday night’s show was pretty darn creative.
    Ladies we like fun. We roll with the punches. And we can take a joke. Kind of the reason we like the show. We’re 12 dogs and we’re ready to roll. 12 dogs and a blog. An actual blog since last month. Don’t believe me? Just google it.

  3. Oh and in case anyone is wondering because this apparently is important to some. I’m not a guy. 😀 I know he’s good looking. I’m not blind. LOL
    Uh GingerBird. I’ll say I’m sorry about using the word “rabid”
    if you’ll say you’re sorry for your comment.
    On count of three.

  4. I am glad to see the ratings numbers up. I write (stream of conciousness ) on my own blog. I like the results. Just wondering what it was about this week that was different. Good to know if you want to repeat the successes. Just wonderin.
    But Am I-
    Bashing? Nope.
    trying to cause Fan wars? Nope.
    trying to bait Craig fan’s? are you serious? really I’m not that good.
    a smart aleck? That would depend on who you ask.
    a Craig Ferguson fan out for a bit of fun. absolutely
    Ironic really. Read the second post here. I’m a big fan of the show. Really.
    Have fun! Come visit. We’ll be quite friendly. I promise.

  5. As a matter of fact.
    I would like to issue a formal invitation to the ladies and to anyone else who might have felt slighted by my original comment, to please come visit me at my blog. Since I’m not yet able to post on your blog, either because I’m not aware of it or in this case don’t have access at the moment, it is really the only way I can properly defend my comments.
    Thank you very much.
    the folks at 12 blogs and a dog
    google “12 dogs and a blog”
    then follow the posts.

  6. So come on ladies over on the LLS with CF forum (over on Television Without pity) If yer gonna pummel a girl fer her comments, the least you can do is buy her a roun.. meebee not.. You can at least come visit. We can have a cuppa tea and a chat! (see I am a long time LLS with CF fan. Only the real old timers will get that reference. :))
    And besides, I’m nice.

  7. A most gracious thank you to SplitEnds and Irlandesa. Same to SoulCornFlake. Over on the CF Forums (@ Televisionwithoutpity). Interesting questions indeed when you think on it. Thank you for the benefit of a doubt. It ‘s appreciated.
    Come on now GingerBird. Give ole 12 dogs a big old hug. How about it? Or at the very least promise not to wack me wi’ yer claymore, darlin’.
    If anyone is reading these posts and goin’ “What the heck”. LOL Don’t fret. My comment caused a ruckus with the ladies on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson forum (televisionwithoutpity) I can’t get on the thread so I’m answering here. Best I can do at the moment. Can’t be helped. But hey you can come on over to my blog, “12 dogs and a blog”. I’ll be glad to talk with ye there. We like our fellow posters (even the ones we don’t agree with). We’re nice.

  8. Thank you soulcornflake. I will take those deleted posts over on the Craig Ferguson forum (again at televisionwithoutpity)as a kind, heartfelt apology.
    Apology accepted.

  9. PostScript.
    Because as far as I was concerned the matter ended when soulcornflake kindly removed her posts over on TWoP. My dogs and I are the picture of feminine civility. We leave the “cat fights” and “dog fight” to others with less self control.
    WaryCary of TWoP,
    I’m always wary when folks call something a “cat” or “dog” fight. Kind of feels like baiting. Or mud “wrassling”. Are you a “mud wrassler”, WaryCary? As anyone knows, that tasty bait covers up a nasty hook. Always found choosing ones fights to be wise.
    Apology still accepted soulcornflake. Sorry WaryCary. While I would love to read that professional journal you cite, the “Tiger Beat Fan Magazine for philosophy majors. OHH Craig! HE’s my FAVORITE!Edition”, my interest in Mr. Ferguson’s rating rise or the show for that matter has more to do with television ratings than Mr. Ferguson’s freckles. I found it ironic that I, a female, was accused of being sexist. Especially coming from someone(Wary) whose reaction to the man is, shall we say, viseral. You are welcome to discuss it here if you like. This is where the discussion originated and where it should be held. I’ve read a little history me self by the way. TWoP history. Only pots I intend to stir are the one’s at my own hearth. Not interested in being a fish. Thanks again soulcornflake. Sorry that you are not feeling well. I found you to be delightful person. You are welcome at 12 dogs any time.
    It is interesting that none of you at TWoP came HERE to debate Mr. Ferguson’s ratings. Where I could chat with you directly. Didn’t seem fair actually. I was going to ask the mod to remove all my comments except the first one as a courtesy to soulcornflake. But since one of the TWoP’ers decided to keep at it(again, WaryCary). I’m going to wait. Maybe they might come here and engage me directly. To be fair. So with the moderator’s indulgence, if you will, please leave it alittle longer. A a courtesy to anyone who should want to discuss the matter further.
    But I must say, I’m mystified as to their reaction to my rather innocuous comment.
    12 dogs and a blog

  10. Hi, Michele:
    Though the ratings are now more decisive, and I am sorry to be so late to the “party”, I was only today directed to your blog by an acquaintance who saw your postscript. Frankly, I am mystified by your reaction. I missed the whole interchange between you and my fellow TWoP members, and all I knew of it was that it sounded unpleasant, with words like “rabid” being bandied about.
    My post mentioned the “cat fight” in ONE, humorous sentence, followed by the requisite smilie. I am sorry that you felt targeted, or how you felt that I was even participating in the exchange.(???) I was teasing my fellow members, regarding what had happened – in my absence! The pertinent remarks had all been deleted before I even logged on. And I certainly had no interest in coming here, as the entire matter struck me as childish and combative. (And as I am French, I regret I do not know what a “mud wrassler” is.)
    As far as Ferguson is concerned, the article from the professional journal appeared right below the comment you took so much to heart! (Uh, hardly “Tiger Beat” in language or substance.) And as you can see by reading it, my interest in CF is geared far more towards his intellect than his definite physical appeal. You happened to arrive during a silly and risqué prank, and are obviously not aware of how serious and thoughtful the tone on that forum often is.
    A mainstream entertainer who quotes the Greek & French philosophers, Hemingway, Marx, Chaucer, Russian & French novelists and poets, and John Milton is indeed, in my view, a cut above the rest. So are forum members who have actually read those authors, and understand what the man is talking about. I regret to say that I find Mr. O’Brien in no way profound, on any level.
    But I am advancing no apologia either for Ferguson or myself – neither of us need explain or apologize to anyone. However, this fellow is a perplexing, delightful combination of low-brow, vulgar, juvenile humor, and deeply considered and sincere intelligence and humanity.
    As I eschew the “American Idol” variety of trash entertainment, I prefer to spend my time with someone of keen mind and spontaneous, unpredictable, risk-taking wit. Brainiacs are not often catered to on network TV, and I relish those moments.
    I don’t harbor any ill-will towards anyone who does not share my taste. I wasn’t part of the original nastiness, and decidedly don’t intend to participate now. I only comment at this late date in order to clarify my own position, and only because you chose to involve me after the fact.
    I try never to be rude or demeaning – if I had seen this balderdash as it was unfolding, I would have reprimanded both you AND my TWoP fellows for being ill-bred. As it is, I gave considerable thought to even addressing your remarks. But the Web is a perpetual sort of place, and I had no desire to be forever misrepresented, as you have done.
    And unlike you, I require no “apology”. I am very comfortable with who I am, what I think, and how I express myself. My considerable intelligence is my best defense. Even WINN was exquisitely worded. 😉
    I see no need to hammer on a bent nail, but if you feel a need to reply, I have entered my email address in your form, in order to spare your readers from further ennui. And I am not, as your now know, a reader of your blog, so I would not see your response unless you did email it.
    I applaud your animal rescue efforts, as I know first hand that it is not always easy to take in “just one more”. I hope that all your pets are in good health, and I wish you luck with them and future adoptees.
    All the best,

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