HD Helps Fuel LCD Sales Growth in U.S., Overseas

Feb 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The popularity of high-definition television sets helped sales of liquid crystal display TVs leapfrog those of personal computers among U.S. consumer technology products last year. Also last year, LCDs overtook worldwide sales of more traditional cathode ray tube TVs for the first time.
U.S. consumers bought $13.5 billion in LCD TVs last year, up 74% from 2006, NPD Group said this week. LCDs were second only to notebook computers, with $19.6 billion in sales, and overtook PCs, sales revenue for which increased 2% to $9.1 billion.
About one of eight LCD sets last year was purchased during the six-week holiday season.
“Big screens were the big draw for consumers” during the holidays, with sales of TVs with screens exceeding 40 inches more than doubling, said NPD.
About 95% of LCD panels shipped to the U.S. are for high-definition TVs, according to Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV research at DisplaySearch.
Total flat-panel U.S. unit sales, which are mostly made up of LCDs, accelerated even more quickly, according to a separate report. Customers bought 20.5 million LCD sets last year, up 85% from 2006, according to research firm Pacific Media Associates.
Such popularity allowed LCD units to exceed worldwide shipments of cathode ray tube sets for the first time, NPD unit DisplaySearch said in a separate statement this week. Worldwide, manufacturers shipped 28.5 million LCD TVs last year, accounting for 47% market share, compared with a 46% share for CRT TVs. Rear-projection and plasma TVs made up the balance.
LCDs had market share of more than 80% in both Japan and Western Europe, while last year’s shipments to developing areas such as Latin America and the Middle East more than doubled, DisplaySearch said.
With about a fifth of the market each, Sony’s and Samsung’s share of fourth-quarter LCD shipments were nearly identical, with Samsung’s shipments jumping 67% in the past year, DisplaySearch said. Philips and Sharp each had about 10% of the market.


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