Judge Allows ‘Predator’ Suit to Proceed

Feb 26, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A federal court judge in Manhattan declined to toss out the lawsuit against “Dateline NBC” filed by the sister of a Texas man who shot and killed himself when a “To Catch a Predator” camera crew arrived at his home last year.
The ruling by Judge Denny Chin means the multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by Patricia Conradt can proceed.
According to the Associated Press, Judge Chin said there were sufficient facts in the lawsuit to suggest the suicide of prosecutor Louis William Conradt Jr. was foreseeable and that the police had a duty to protect Mr. Conradt from killing himself but instead acted with deliberate indifference.
There was no immediate comment from NBC News or the network, which previously had described the suit as “completely without merit.”


  1. Another example of a pinko judge refusing to hold anybody accountable for their own actions. Nobody put the gun to his head except himself.
    This is as bad as the notorious hot coffee fiasco

  2. Look at where the Court is — NEW YORK!
    Of course it’s the fault of the police…..THEY MADE HIM DO IT!
    Give me a break.
    I guess the fact that he ate his gun because he wanted to have SEX with a MINOR had no bearing on his guilt?

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