Quicktakes: Will the writers’ settlement make it easier for the Screen Actors Guild to renew its contract?

Feb 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Matt Edelman“It’s a matter of whether or not the deal will put more pressure on SAG to settle. The truth is the Hollywood community will not tolerate another work stoppage. If the SAG leadership even begins inching toward a strike, the pressure on their membership from the rest of the Hollywood community to vote against it will be enormous. SAG will make a deal.”
– Matt Edelman, CEO and co-founder, PeopleJam.com
Karrie Wolfe“After seeing the drawn-out nature of the writers’ negotiations and the toll on the entertainment community, SAG will likely be eager to find a solution to keep the industry from enduring another standstill. If the WGA can find a compromise with studios, networks and production companies, then SAG should be able to look at the new precedents established and use those to reach a fair compromise. If anything, the writers’ settlement will serve as a compass for the deal SAG plans to work toward.”
– Karrie Wolfe, senior VP, RDF USA/Pangea Management Group


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