Rounding Up HD News: More HD Baseball, Energy-Efficient Plasma TVs on the Way

Feb 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

DirecTV, Fox Sports Will Boost HD Baseball Broadcasts
DirecTV will show as many as 40 Major League Baseball games a week in high definition as part of its MLB Extra Innings package, while the Seattle Mariners team will air all of its 162 games in HD, Web site TVPredictions.com reported. All but about 10 of the Mariners games will be televised by Fox Sports Northwest, the Web site said.
Panasonic’s 2009 Plasma TVs Will Be Twice as Energy-Efficient
Matsushita’s Panasonic plasma television sets next year will use half the power of this year’s models, Reuters reported. Matsushita, the world’s largest manufacturer of plasma TVs, said Panasonic next year also will begin selling a 1-inch-thick plasma TV, which is three inches narrower than its current standard plasma, the wire service said.
Third Next-Generation HD DVD Player Unveiled This Week
A Los Angeles-based company this week unveiled a high-definition DVD player format it hopes will challenge Sony’s Blu-ray and Toshiba’s HD DVD. New Media Enterprises, whose chairman is former Warner Bros. Television head Michael Solomon, introduced its HD VMD, which the company says is the only HD machine using so-called “red laser” technology. The unit is priced at $199.
Amazon Cuts Price of Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $80
Amazon.com dropped its price for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 HD DVD player to as low as $80 this week and included six free HD DVDs, Web site EngadgetHD.com reported. Amazon.com’s regular price was $180, according to the company’s Web site.


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