Star Jones Loses TruTV Gig

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TruTV has canceled Star Jones Reynolds’ talk show.
After the last episode airs today, it will be replaced by “Arrest & Trial” at 3 p.m. ET, beginning Monday.
“Due to the rebranding and refocus of the network, truTV and Star Jones Reynolds have mutually agreed to cease production of “Star Jones Show,” truTV GM Marc Juris said in an internal email.
Court TV became truTV Jan. 1.
“We’ve long said that the launch of truTV would be followed by a gradual evolution in programming. Many existing shows will stay, and some will go, as we decide how to serve our viewers best,” Mr. Juris said.
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  1. Sorry to hear of Star’s show cancellation. I really enjoyed her show and watched it just about everyday. Her show always seem to have creditable and accurate information; and, I enjoyed her guest experts and commentary. I’ll miss her show.

  2. Is this the beginning of the end for Court-TV in any form? I thought that Star Jones tv show was an intellengent program. I hope that the show will return in some way to television!

  3. Someone correct me if I’m wrong…
    But I seem to remember when they hired Star Jones to do the talk show that her show was like the centerpiece to their rebranding efforts from Court TV to TruTV.

  4. Star, I was surprised on Friday, to listen to your closing statements. It sounded to like you were saying: “good-bye!” Well, today when Arrest and Trial came on in your time slot, I went to my computer to check you out. I am sorry to know that your show was cancelled. It was nice to see you on your own program which was intelligent and interesting. However, I remember a statement that you made when you left the View: “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.” So, it is now. What God has planned for you will be completed.
    I must say that since “R” left the View, I enjoy listening to it. I don’t gree to all the “hot Topics” but Whoopi has added a nice flavor to the program. May God bless you in all ways
    Mildred A. Parker

  5. I was shock to hear that Star Jones was canceled.I truly enjoyed her show. I’m sure you can find something more entertaining than what you have on now.

  6. I was very sad to hear and see that the Star Jones show ended. I have watched her show from the very beginning. I think the show was very good and I enjoyed the variety of guess on her show. My prayer is that we see Star again doing what she does best. Best wishes to you and your family.

  7. My husband and I watch Star everyday and enjoyed her views and comments. We thought that she was very sensible we will miss her uplifting show and words of wisdom. I used to watch her on The View and was very glad to find her on Court TV.
    We thought she was very fair in all the issues that she brought to the show. She should have a place somewhere on Tru TV she is very fair and balanced.
    Thank you,
    Mary Parker

  8. At 3PM eastern everyday I watched or taped “The Star Jones Show”. Mr. Juris, I am in my 40th year in broadcasting. This decision to delete the Star Jones show from your line up, I must ask You and the good folks who brought forth this CHANGE. Question is, “What wuz Y’all thinking or smoking? Court TV very timley morphed in to the unmistakable TruTV and here they grow again. My thought was that you should rerun SJ show in your 7PM week nights slot to replace “COPS” reruns from 1991. Today I am very disappointed in the direction you and the network have chosen. One hint, when you run viewers and listeners off, it is expensive and nearly impossible to get us back. I am truly sorry for your bad move in programing.
    Stephen Roberts
    Durham, North Carolina

  9. So sorry to see Star go—
    Just another example of TruTV “DUMBING-DOWN” their programming to the MALE mentality!!!!!!!!

  10. I am so glad to see the star jones go!!!
    she was so boring………….

  11. WOW!!!! I am shocked…I thought Star was GREAT! I watched every day, and I am missing her very much, what a loss for us viewers…first we lost her on the view, now this…depressing….My best to you Star, you are more then just a star in my view!

  12. I’m sorry to see Court TV dumbing down to become TruTV. For a long time this has been my station of choice for most of the day. I certainly hope you at least hold on to In-Session, perhaps one of the few intelligent programs left on TV.

  13. What a bummer to take Star Jones off the air just as her show was really taking off. I was skeptical at first but I was totally wrong!!! I don’t ordinarily post comments but this I feel is worth the time. I would take my break daily just to see her show now I’ll quit watching TruTv all together!!!!!!!

  14. I was turning Court TV off at 3:00 everyday once Star Jones came on even though I have been a viewer since their first day on the air. I hope they do not change the remainder of the daytime line-up, maybe even give us another hour or two of “In-Session” court action.

  15. I enjoyed Star’s show…Her topics were interesing and she owned her words….She is real….I hope another network picks up her show….

  16. TruTV is disgusting–most of its programs show the stupid side of people, which we already know exists, so why put it on the air when we can watch that on any news program. You cut back on Forensic Files, got rid of American Justice & COld Case files, and now have endless reruns of Cops, etc. You’ve lost me as a viewer, with or without Star Jones.

  17. So sorry to finally find out that Star Jones’ show was cancelled. I work nights and watch court sessions and looked forward to her straight-talk show. It’s very sad that the network opted to put a show about horrifying murder cases in its place. Another example of how sick our society is – we’d rather venture into the macabre than view a show that was refreshing, funny and with a lot of heartfelt straight talk.
    TruTV’s loss!

  18. I am so sorry to hear the Star Jones show has been cancelled. She had a great show that held your attention. But now you keep running the re-runs of the shows that replaced her. You can only watch a rerun 2 or 3 times and then you go to another TV station for viewing. Sorry for your loss.
    Viewer in Missouri

  19. well..in my opinion,too bad that you didn’t allow Starr to finish out her contract..she may not have been the most interesting personality,but she was entertaining …and her shows were fresh,not reruns which is what so much of your programming entails!!and what’s with the name TruTv..CourtTv was much more “catchy”..sometimes it is better to leave “well enough alone”!

  20. What are you doing to Court TV? NO ONE wants to see stupid people getting traffic tickets or see idiots running on the beach! I have been a faithful viewer of real court room TV for so long. Don’t you take off what is left;i.e. Bloom and Polliten, or Ford and Banfield and etc. or you will have lost your complete audience. When you changed the name to TruTv you lostyour indenity; it looks like True Stupid Out Takes.
    Remember the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, you have fixed it and the minute the real court room stuff goes off my remote changes stations.

  21. I agree with J. Waterfield Court TV has gone to True Stupid Out Takes. I used to watch it all the time and now not a all especially Cops I always turned it when it came on. Hope your happy because you lost me. Except for Dominick Dunn Power, Privilege and Justice

  22. My family and I are very sad to see this show go. We thought she was honest, sincere and good to her guests. My favorite part was her final words, her personal thought. She made the show great.

  23. I am truly grieved that this show was cancelled. It was not only entertaining, but also brilliantly informative. Good luck to you STAR in the future. May all your endeavors continue to be STAR QUALITY.

  24. I agree with most of the people above. I think that the one suggestion to replace COPS with Star Jones is a good one. I watch two channels: Tru TV and A&E. At 7 pm, it’s either COPS or stupid Horatio on CSI Miami. I would welcome a different show during that time. I’m at the point that what I watch now is Forensic Files, Arrest and Trial, Dominick Dunne, and The Investigators. A&E has done it too, especially with the stupid new Parking Wars too. I want to increase my Cable package to get the new Crime and Investigation Channel and A&E Biography. That’s my cup of tea. Not watching people get tickets or get drunk on the beach!

  25. I have never been a fan of Star on any venue. I find her to be abrasive and cocky. Apparently I’m not the only one!

  26. I work from home and watch TRUtv all day long, until 3pm when Star Jones came on. That show just felt too sugarcoated to me, the interviews at least.

  27. At first I thought Starr Jones show would be something different. I gave up watching it because I just didn’t feel she was doing that great of a job.

  28. I loved the Star Jones’ show. It was full of excellent information from all over the country.
    I feel that you made a major mistake by taking her show off. Please, put it back on and take off 360 or whatever.
    You also have taken off other excellent shows; Psy. Detc.,etc.

  29. I am so disappointed in court tv now tru tv. It does not matter what case is being heard when Jack and Ashleigh sign off for the day – court tv is over. The website is inadequate to say the least. I love Lisa, Jamie, Jack and Ashleigh and TVO all their shows. Why pretend to be anything other than a station that stays on the air due to curiosity and sensationalizm. The comments by the b listers on smoking gun is dumb and unimaginative and tiresome. I think my TVO will be silenced because I find it so frustrating when court coutinues but Arrest and Trial (boring 0ld) comes on and court is out for the day according to the line up on TRULY DUMB TV – not reality – just dumb!

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