WGA Strike Roundup: Friday, Feb. 1

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WGA Members Fear Lack of Progress Will Cause Studios to End Talks
Some Writers Guild of America members believe that lack of progress in informal talks with studio leaders will cause the studios to halt discussions within the next two weeks, Daily Variety reports. Writers are concerned that a recent Directors Guild of America provision with the studios on residual revenue from downloaded programs has decreased the likelihood that the WGA and studios will agree on a payment formula, the newspaper reported.
Lionsgate Attracts Show Runners for New TV Shows During Strike
Lionsgate studios, which earlier this week signed an interim agreement with the Writers Guild of America, is attracting prospective show runners looking to work on televisions shows such as “Weeds” and “Mad Men,” whose production is set to resume next week, the Los Angeles Times reports. The studio also needs writers and show runners for “Crash,” the series based on the Academy Award-winning film that’s scheduled to start shooting this spring, the newspaper said.
‘Old Christine’ Crew Get $1,000 Checks From Writers, Actors, Director
Production crewmembers of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” received checks for $1,000 and Patagonia parkas from the show’s director, actors and writers as a gesture of goodwill during the Writers Guild of America strike, Web site DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com says, citing a show crewmember. The worker said Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the series’ star, has been picketing for the WGA since the strike’s first day and helped disrupt a “Desperate Housewives” shooting, said the Web site, which didn’t identify the crewmember.
Unhappy’ Producers Guild Saying Little About WGA Strike
The Producers Guild of America, “unhappy” that it doesn’t have a collective bargaining agreement with the studios, won’t comment on the Writers Guild of America strike for fear of interfering with an “already a very complicated process,” Daily Variety reports, citing PGA executive director Vance Van Petten. The PGA is focusing on helping filmmakers sort out producing credits and finding producer opportunities in new media, the newspaper said.
Some Stage Workers, Artists Criticize WGA Leaders
Some members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees are critical of Writers Guild of America leaders Patrick Verrone and David Young, the Los Angeles Times reported. Stage workers said WGA leadership showed “non-concern” for IATSE members who are struggling because of the strike-induced work stoppage, the newspaper said.
—Danny King


  1. ive been sayin it for months now the damn strike needs to end.come on pga gave the writers what the deserve and stop the greed we america have other stuff to worry about like the war in iraq and getting bush out of the whitehouse.we cant worry about you the “producers” not gaveing the writers their fair share stop acting childish and do the right thing for christ sake.

  2. I think SAG had no business butting into the DGA or Writers’ Guild talks. It’s one thing to show solidarity whern the striek is ongoing, quite another to make reckless pronouncements and jeopardize talks.
    I can’t recall ever hearing of a 3rd party uniotn trying to muscle in on labor negotations before. Bad form.
    Both sides know they’re not going to get exactly what they want and most likely will have to settle for a halfway deal somewhere in the middle. Why not agree to do this now instead of all this macho posturing?
    They should have binding arbitration written into any future contracts.

  3. Another example of aggressive “Union Bosses” cutting their own throats! That Walmart guy got it right when he said they are predatory vultures, ripping off their members to preserve their lavish lifestyles. Even if the writers get a deal now, it will take them years to come out even.

  4. I think the length of the strike will be longer. The writers are past the point where it will be worth it that they went on strike. The writers will want “more” to compensate and the studios although sinking in ratings will hold ground. Many actors, grips, wardrobe people will continue to live on unemployment and just get by. This is a 20 year cycle that weeds out alot of “glam” in hollywood. There will be more “side” deals made and until the ratings absolutely fall to the basement, the studios will not bow to the writers they will keep there stance and look how they have “wrecked havoc”

  5. I hope the writers and actors are enjoying getting all their residuals right now while the rest of us are broke and waiting for work! Unemployment only goes so far. I think they need to donate their residuals to us “stage workers” so we can afford to pay our electric bills! 4 cents is not worth making people struggle.

  6. This strike ruined the Heroes season. I don’t care who is to blame, I’m disappointed in everyone that had something to do with this.
    The point of television making is to put out quality programs that the masses will enjoy. When people put money in front of this, the credibility of the whole process is destroyed. How much money is the business collectively losing now? That value is nowhere near the level of disappointment in the eyes of dedicated fans.
    Remember that.

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