What distinguishes your network from the other cable channels that are geared toward female viewers?

Feb 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“We encourage women to be who they are, and still we represent some escapism for women with our entertainment. The Lifetime brand respects women. The movies that we’re setting out to do now are not about women who are victims. That’s an old-time cliche of the Lifetime movies. The heroines in our movies now are pro-active problem solvers. They’re deep thinkers, multitalented. We show a real range of women. So we’re a female brand that appreciates women and shows their diversity.”
– Susanne Daniels, president of entertainment, Lifetime Networks
“I think in general that WE is a fun network. When we look at the programming that really works for us and really appeals to women, it’s our original programming. The words that we like to use to describe our programming are genuine, provocative, curious and fun. That’s especially true with regard to our original programming.”
– Steven Cheskin, senior VP of programming, WE
“We’re the youngest of the female networks, so we’re delivering them programming that has complex, bold and confident personalities. That’s the kind of product that they’re looking for: women who have interesting lives. Our mission is to deliver to them that quality—big, colorful personalities that are entertaining. People they want to talk about the next day. We have a very in-the-know, sort of trend-setting, influential audience.”
– Jason Klarman, general manager, Oxygen

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