Quicktakes: Do You Think Television Adequately Covers Health Care Issues?

Mar 23, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“Television covers the clinical aspects of individual health well, but has not yet fully explored proven public health interventions that protect and improve the health of whole communities. What about a ‘CSI’-like series that looks at the investigative field and lab work behind a disease outbreak, uncovers an occupational health hazard or saves a community from exposure to a food- or air-borne toxin. Public health can make riveting TV!”
— Georges Benjamin, M.D., executive director, American Public Health Association
“I believe that television does a solid job of covering the broad range of health care issues. Broadcast news provides strong reporting on the scientific, policy and business sides of health care, while prime-time television offers entertaining yet educational lifestyle programming…. The consumer has more health care information at their fingertips than ever before—and as a country that’s facing rising obesity levels, access to these tools is extremely important.”
— Carole Tomko, president/general manager, Discovery Health, Discovery Studios, Discovery Kids and FitTV

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