Quicktakes: Have the Oscars lost their luster?

Mar 2, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“I do not believe the Oscars have lost their luster. They are still a major broadcast television event for which viewership can be increased in years when films like ‘Titanic’ are the frontrunners. The Academy Awards will always be the Super Bowl of fashion and a unique evening for viewers from the U.S. and around the world to experience the excitement of Hollywood.”
Bill Carroll, VP/director of programming, Katz Television Group
“I believe that many of the films that were lauded this year, although well done, did not infiltrate the hearts and minds of mass America. In addition, the most interesting election in years is taking place, providing all the competition, good stories and celebrity anyone needs. Finally, it seems like the Hollywood community is still too shell-shocked from the writers strike and the continuing economic repercussions to be too celebratory.”
Rose Catherine Pinkney, executive VP, programming and production, TV One
“I was watching the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, the night before Oscar’s big day—I laughed, I cried, I howled, I thought why are the Oscars not more like this? Less pomp and ceremony, more spirit and fun, more indie movies and mad mavericks who are together to celebrate the art of film, not showcase their sponsored jewels or fancy threads. Sure, Jon Stewart is hip, hot and tapped in, but he is about the only element of the show that is. Come on, Oscar, tap into that spirit that is unpredictable and wild yet dedicated and madly fanatical about the art of fine film.”
Liam Mayclem, host, “Eye on the Bay,” CBS 5 KPIX-TV, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
“The Oscars have become a cliche. Much of Middle America perceives actors out of touch with the grassroots. None of the five films this year were box office blockbusters. Has any network executive pondered that by the end of February, the audience is potentially burned out on awards shows?”
Steve Beverly, professor of broadcasting, Union University, Jackson, Tenn.
“Because there were so many ‘smaller’ films nominated, a good portion of the country could have cared less. Nominate some of the big crowd-pleasers (comedy, action/adventure) and the audience will come back.”
Gary Lico, president/CEO, CABLEready


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