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A Little Writin’ Vote
Despite the pocket-book issues that led to their 3 1/2-month strike, fewer than half of the estimated 10,500 eligible Writers Guild of America members actually voted on the agreement that settled the dispute.
So says data released last week by the WGA East and WGA West, which said the WGA had ratified the contract with “93.6% percent approval.” True, 3,802 of the 4,060 WGA members
who voted voted in favor of the agreement (258 voted against it). But the turnout represented only about 38% of the membership. That means only 36.2% of the membership is known to have approved of the deal that will be in force until May 1, 2011.
The level of turnout by WGA members, who had their choice of voting in person or by mail, is only slightly better than the level of turnout of eligible voters during most federal elections in which the presidency is not up for grabs. In 2006, when the mood of the country was in favor of change that flipped leadership in the Senate and House, the turnout was 43.6%, but in most recent non-presidential national elections, the level of participation has been 37% (2002), 36.4% (1998), 38.8% (1994) and 36.5% (1990).
A WGAer who doesn’t know The Insider’s penchant for overthinking protests that this is apples-and-oranges territory here, and that many writers might have felt their vote to lift the strike was the one that mattered most, or that the sentiment in favor of the agreement was so strong they didn’t need to vote.
Well, ain’t that America?
The Whoopi Effect
Whoopi Goldberg is The Insider’s honorary personal shopper.
Last week, in another of Whoopi’s “must-have” segments on “The View,” she presented more items she said “make my life a little better, easier and a whole lot sweeter.”
It’s fun to see her take delight in recommending (and demonstrating) such mundane items as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that cleans “everything” off the walls and the Ab Rocket for her sit-ups. In her maiden “must-have” segment in September, we learned that some items The Whoopster can’t live without include Sheerly Elegant Tupperware containers, Zero Odor Spray, Sticky Sheets Pet Hair Remover (helpfully furniture-sized) and wildly mismatched Solmate Socks. (The Insider might reciprocate by recommending LittleMissMatched socks in adult sizes.) She also has shared with the audience some of her favorite shoe brand names.
Last week’s segment closed with a peek at her new G Beds by Whoopi Goldberg line of sheets, pillow shams, duvets and throws that will mix and match and layer up for an elegantly made bed.
The Insider spent an hour that night watching QVC, on which the Whoopiwoman was selling the line she designed to satisfy her own tastes—and preference for a prettily mussed look.
“One person can do this,” she said. “Never knew, girlfriend, you had this side going with you with this designing,” said her QVC sales guide before flopping on the amply pillowed sample bed in the QVC studio.
“That’s what this is about: It’s about looking good in the bed. Not just when you get up in the morning, but you want to think, ‘Oooh, I’m going to movie-star sleep right now,” said the Lady G. “I’m not known for my taste in clothing and stuff. But you know, because I look so good, that I sleep well. This is why,” she said.
“It looks like you. It looks nice and clean and comfy,” said the first on-air customer.
The second caller, who ordered multiple sets of G Bedding (in 17 minutes, some 1,200 sheet sets had been sold and a three-piece embroidered bed set had sold out), was not going to stop there.
“I’m looking forward to your new natural hair-care line,” she said. “Me and my daughter Wisdom wear ’locks just because of you.”
That may be one area in which the Whoopmeister’s seal of approval is not quite enough for The Insider.

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