CBS Taps Newman for Daytime VP Post

Apr 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CBS Entertainment has promoted Michelle Newman to the newly created position of vice president of daytime programming and marketing.
In the new post, she will spearhead marketing efforts on behalf of CBS’ daytime programming roster. She also will work closely with CBS Interactive and CBS Mobile to market the CBS Daytime brand.
Ms. Newman most recently was creative director of on-air promotions for the company. Before joining CBS in 2003, she was senior writer and producer of daytime on-air promotions at ABC and a producer of on-air promotions for Fox’s animated lineup.


  1. Dear Ms. Newman,
    I need your help. I am writing you concerning the recent departure of Martha Byrne from “As the world turns.” I have read the transcript from a live chat with Martha and her fans explaining why she left the show. She said during contract negotiations, she asked to work the same number of days this year that she had to work during the previous year. The parties involved were unable to come to agreement on that issue. Martha Byne said she wasn’t too worried about this at first; because it is common during contract negotiations to meet several times before coming to a compromise that is mutually beneficial for all parties. Two hours after the first initial meeting ended, she found out that casting call had gone out for her character. Negotiations came to an end after that discovery. She has said this not only during her live chat but also in many articles, published in the press. After she found out about the casting call in a very public manner, she felt her only choice was to leave the show even though it was not something she wanted to do.
    I am very angry that she was treated in this manner. It was very inappropriate and unprofessional hurtful to Martha Byrne. Christopher Goutman (Executive Producer of “As The World Turns”) should have at least taken her aside and informed her that he would have no choice recast her role. You are probably wondering why I just didn’t address it directly to Christopher Goutman himself? The truth is, I w so we to love to address this letter straight to him. However, he has been very vocal about the fact that he doesn’t pay attention to fans all he looks at are the ratings. I thought maybe you could get in listen to me. I really is sincerely believe that he owes Martha Byne an apology for the un-professional manner in which he handled things.
    I won’t deny that I want to Martha Byrne to reprise his her role as Lilly. I know that daytime ratings are extremely low right now because of cable and satellite TV people have many choices that they didn’t have before. I understand that it might seem advantageous to hire a younger actress because maybe she’ll bring something new to the character that wasn’t there before. However, I think in the long run we casting this role will do more harm to the show then good.
    People who watch soaps and our loyal fans have been watching for a very long time I started watching as the world turns when I was 12 years old I’m almost 39 now. I can’t speak for every one, But I love to see people that I feel like I’ve grown up with that’s what I like and that’s what kept me watching until recently. I just feel like I have more connection with characters if the person who plays them if talented and does the job well it is not hard to feel a personal connection with the character in with the actor who portrays them. I know that I’m talking about a TV show and not real life but a recast it is not going house the same connection with viewers right away that connection develops over time and some people might not want to wait that long.
    When I first started watching as the world turns there was much to cable basically no screen movie channels HBO, Cinenmax, and show time. So, when soaps recast a role we waited until we got used to the new person. Now we don’t have to wait anymore because there are many other channels we can watch. I don’t know if anything I’ve said I don’t know if anything I’ve said has changed her mind about letting Martha Byrne returned to the role she created but I do know I am one of those fans who has chosen to choose different programming. I can only hope Chris Goutman and CBS daytime will see the error that they have made and correct it in the near future, until that happens I will never watch “As the world Turns “again. I will watch only if you bring Martha Byne back. Weather or not Martha returns, I still believe Chris Goutman owes her a big apology he needs to learn that the actors who work him are people not chess paws that can moved around and then discarded when he needs to cut costs I know CBS probably encouraged him to do what he did but did you authorize his unprofessional behavior? Please don’t feel like you have to respond to this letter. Please think about I have said that’s all I ask. Thank you for you for your time and consideration.
    Kristen A. Yates

  2. Dear Ms.Numan:
    When I wrote you previously, I had no idea that P&g Productions was the company I shoud contact
    Rearding negtions. I’m sorry I wrote such a long post. I’m hoping you will use whatever influence you may have with P&G Production to plead my case. I really belive in Matha Byrne. I did write P&G.I just feel that you may have more influence than I do. Thank You for your time & consideration.
    Kristen A.Yates

  3. I hope you enjoy your job..If you would be so kind? As to tell the writers of The Young & The Restless PLEASE keep Sabrina on the show. Help me get a message to them. Let them know Victor & Sabrina are so goooooooooooooood working with each other.. Keep her please. I”m a fan of Victor on Y&R.. Good luck

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