Kathie Lee Doesn’t Budge ‘Today’ Ratings

Apr 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Kathie Lee Gifford’s first week as a “Today” co-host alongside Hoda Kotb in the fourth hour of the show attracted slightly more young viewers but did not grow the overall audience for the time slot, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.
Total viewership was flat week-to-week at upwards of 1.8 million viewers.
On the demographic side, NBC News said there were week-to-week increases of 7% among adults 18-49 and 1% among women 25-54.
The fourth hour’s 1.5 household rating average puts the block between “Divorce Court” and “Judge Alex” (1.7 rating) and “Judge Hatchett” (1.3 rating).
“Today’s” primary two-hour block continued to dominate the head-to-head competition the week of April 13, averaging 5.6 million total viewers, more than 900,000 viewers ahead of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” which averaged 4.6 million viewers.
“The Early Show” on CBS averaged 2.9 million viewers, a year-to-year increase of 8%. The third-place show also showed year-to-year increases of 22% in adults 25-54, 18% in women 25-54 and 25% in women 18-49.
In the adults 25-54 competition, “Today” averaged 2.6 million viewers in the demo. “GMA” averaged 2.1 million and “Early Show” averaged 1.4 million.
Season-to-date, “Today” has increased its advantage over “GMA” in total viewers (from 16% up to 19%), adults 25-54 (from 22% up to 29%), women 18-49 (from 16% up to 28%) and men 25-54 (from 45% up to 60%).


  1. I have just learned that Kathie is on the “Today Show”. I, as a rule, do not watch shows like the “Today Show”
    I have been a fan of Kathie for a few years and will be watching the “Today Show”

  2. Yawn…Kathie Lee returns. And as usual is totally unwatchable.

  3. Katie Lee….another retread that has seen her day. What a HUGE mistake for the Today show. She’ll be gone soon.

  4. It would almost seem appropriate to separate this fourth hour from TODAY. .and not even use the TODAY logo. .. . Kathie Lee’s honking quips and commentary come off as meanspirited and not exactly professional –when commenting on courting of primary votes among NASCAR fans. . .she said “do THESE PEOPLE even vote?” What were NBC execs thinking. . . .? Hoda, stay true to your own elegance. . . hopefully Kathie Lee will soon retire again.

  5. Poor Hoda. I hope NBC can wrangle out of whatever contract they made with Kathie Lee. As a result of Gifford joining the show, I have stopped watching, even though I have Today since I was a child.

  6. Why does Kathy Lee as a new comer have billing ahead of Hoda?

  7. KathyMee says “I” more than anyone else in television. She doesn’t know about the no i in team. Always upstaging, demeaning and attacking Hota, guests, crew. Who made her the boss? Is she an executive producer yet again?
    The homage they sent towards “Mama” was almost tasteless. They could have at least prepared something much more meaningful than just shlepping it out to fill that segment. Very poor preparation.
    She can’t believe there are so many people working at NBC? So this wordly performer can’t believe that GE/NBC/MSNBC have so many people working there? What an absolute Arse. She’s one of the reasons there’s so much dumbing down of the masses.

  8. Kathie Lee – Welcome back!!! I quit watching Regis when Kathie retired. I now am a faithful viewer of your 4th hour. I am sure she will quickly learn to be the co-host rather than the first out of the chute at all times. I think she is progressing nicely along these lines and will only get better with Hoda in time.

  9. Hollie,
    Honey, even fine wine sometimes takes a turn for the worse and ends up as vinegar. Some celebs are better off working off camera behind the scenes.

  10. I am from England and hence I never heard of Kathie Lee until I watched her on the Today, co-hosting with Hoda, this morning. What a shamble, what a painful thing to watch. I felt sorry for Hoda, as she subjected her and us the viewers with her totally unprofessional mannerism. Her demeaning and mean spirited treatment of Hoda calling her constantly “Hoda woman”, was totally out of line. Hoda as well as the invited guests, looked distinctly uncomfortable many times. The rating has not improved? Well I would have been mighty surprised if it did.

  11. Oh…Kathie Lee…how you’ve ruined my morning television…Hoda is wonderful at her job…KLG is absolutely painful to watch…so at ten on the dot I shut off the television…she is absurd…as a woman I am embarrassed…doesn’t she know it is okay and attractive to be eloquent and intelligent? She is superficial and picayune. Ugh. Interestingly enough..when I posted a comment on the Today show site against KLG it was never posted. Guess they are making big buck to maintain her reputation.

  12. GEESH…Hoda has the biggest mouth on TV, not good. My TV is usually on for the Today show in three different rooms but when these two whiners come on trying to out “funny” and talk each other all three go off. They are a disgrace, get them off !!!!!

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