‘Naked’ Looks Good to Lifetime

Apr 1, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Lifetime Television has greenlit a second season of its rookie makeover show “How to Look Good Naked.”
The series sees former “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley padding the closet and self-image of a different woman each week.
The show will begin airing new episodes in July, expanded from 30-minute to hourlong format.
The series’ debut episode was the most-watched reality premiere ever for the channel. Viewership steadily increased among young viewers over the course of the first season, when the series also was the focus of an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”
Susanne Daniels, Lifetime’s president of entertainment, said the show is a success because “it shows women they should accept and even flaunt their healthy bodies, whatever shape or type they are.” She added, “Our audience fell in love with the witty and wonderful Carson Kressley, and we’re looking forward to him returning to undress America one woman at a time.”
“How to Look Good Naked” is produced for Lifetime by RDF USA, Maverick TV and Axiel Entertainment.


  1. Blood Ties was my favourite TV show on Lifetime but they haven’t renewed it for a second season.
    Unforunately Lifetime have taken the “reality” TV route. I REFUSE to watch reality TV because so many great shows are axed for this cheaper alternative. We woman want romance, comedy and great acting not more reality TV.

  2. I agree with Assuit. How to Look Good Naked holds absolutely no charm or attraction for me. I, too, really miss Blood Ties, and can’t understand why Lifetime hasn’t renewed it. It seems like the perfect show for Lifetime, since it’s about a strong, independent woman trying to make it in a “man’s world” as a private investigator. Plus, the show’s supernatural edge has me completely hooked!

  3. I have to agree with the other individuals commenting. It is wonderful that show is giving women confidence, but quite frankly I really do not want to see that type of programming on TV. The reality shows are boring and stall. Lifetime should invest their money in more of the original series that they started last year such as Blood Ties, Army Wives and Side Order of Life. These shows provide real entertainment vs what Lifetime is currently promoting which is looking at a bunch of women half naked on TV that have no business showing their 10,000 parts.

  4. LIFETIME! I understand the appeal of this show to SOME. Glad it gives women confidence. I must tell you however, Christina Cox is a wonderful role model for women. Her role as Vicki Nelson gave us a “real” woman. Style, grace, active and confident. That is what I want my daughters to watch. That little Series gave the viewers who “happened” upon it a real treat. This strong woman dealing with an eye disease learning to cope in a whole “new world”. One that happens to have a Vampire. I loved the chemistry, fantasy mixed with reality of this show. I sincerely hope it too is on your renewal schedule. I think you would be surprised at the huge fanbase Blood Ties has developed. Especially if put on a decent hour with a bit more promotion.

  5. I agree I do not watch reality shows, I have enough reality as it is. Blood ties has a great
    story line center around a strong independent women with 2 love interests. She doesn’t need someone else to tell her she is great.

  6. This article just demonstrates how little Lifetime understands what MOST women truly want to see. I do NOT need more reality shows and certainly not one that assumes from the start that I have a negative self image. ENOUGH with the female as a victim in need of saving bit Lifetime ! That is why I love Lifetime’s series Blood Ties…it focuses around a strong female lead. While she has her issues, the lead character Vicki Nelson is independent, capable and does not need a man to rescue her.She does however appreciate the men in her life and has quite a love triangle going on. I wish Lifetime would renew Blood Ties and develop more series that feature characters that empower women rather than recue them !

  7. Bloodties had a much larger fan base than how to look good naked. Where is the article for them?
    I would rather see my favorite show Blood Ties than How to look good naked.
    thank you

  8. Documented proof that people were actually watching “Blood Ties” other than you pimply-faced SF geek losers who are still living with your parents. Oh that’s right, you don’t have any, other than your stupid online petitions that no one with any sense in the television industry pays any attention to. Lifetime didn’t get good ratings for “Blood Ties” and got ratings for Carson Kressley’s show, so of course they’re keeping his show–that’s how things work in television, in case you didn’t realize it. IT’S ONLY A FRIGGIN’ TV SHOW–DEAL WITH IT.
    When are you SF geeks going to realize that the majority of the American public doesn’t want to watch your crap? How about actually working for a living? GET A LIFE, GEEKS!

  9. The ratings were the same for both shows. If anything BT had higher ratings. If the other show gets cancelled then you wont here anything from the viewers about it. We the fans of Blood Ties LOVE the show and will continue to fight hard for it.

  10. I love the “pimply-faced SF geeks” thats just plain funny. I can assure you that stage of my life was over sometime ago. Im old enough to know that polite dialogue is what most should strive for. I raised my sons to have good manners.

  11. Realist: Maybe you’ve been watching too many reality shows. Those of us who live in the real world like to escape into a well-written, well acted show such as Blood Ties. Blood Ties HAD higher ratings than How to Look Good Naked and every self-respecting woman I know would NEVER watch How to Look Good Naked. It’s an insult to ANY SANE WOMAN. How on earth is a gay guy, who doesn’t like women, going to be able to tell a woman what she looks good in.
    Vicki Nelson provides a great role model for women, young and old. How to Look Good Naked only proves that a network can pimp women into disrobing in front of thousands of viewers for a paycheck. Sad!!! I see nothing of value in that show. I don’t need a guy, gay or otherwise, telling me how to look good. I already know how and don’t need Lifetime trying to tell me people are watching this show, because their numbers were worse than Blood Ties and that was with tons of self-promotion by Lifetime. Had Blood Ties gotten that kind of advertisement we wouldn’t even be having this conversation as Blood Ties would have either been signed back with Lifetime or another network.
    Blood Ties was not watched soley by SF Geeks. The viewers ran the gamut, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, so you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m way past the age of being a SF GEEK and I don’t live with my parents. I own my home. You need to do better research.
    Have you even watched the show? If not, go to Lifetimetv.com, register, and then come back and talk to us like you might know what you’re talking about.

  12. Never watched Blood Ties, don’t care to watch Blood Ties but I LOVE CARSON KRESSLEY!!

  13. Must be nice to be a homophobe, Margaret. What’s your opinion of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans and Jews–as if we didn’t already know?
    And it must be nice to know that your pasty-faced loser SF geek buddies who’ve never worked an honest day’s living and have never had any in their lives other than masturbating to their computers are homophobes, too. In the immortal words of Shatner, GET A LIFE, GEEKS!

  14. Realist: You don’t know me well enough to pass judgement on me, so don’t even try. I have friends that are gay, African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans and Jews. And the sadist thing about this show is that Lifetime has managed to pimp women with poor self-images to stand still and bare their bodies so they can get ratings. That is the most obscene thing about the show!.
    And I don’t really think you’re in a place to pass judgement on anyone although you seem to enjoy being judgemental. Just because someone likes a show that you don’t particularly care for doesn’t mean you have the right to label them. TO USE YOUR WORDS-GET A LIFE (STOP BEING SO HATEFUL BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T SEE THINGS YOUR WAY).

  15. Dear Realist:
    Fist of all I haven’t seen a pimple in over thirty years, and I raised my family to be more respectful than your’s obviously did. I’m not a sci-fi geek not a computer one either. It’s only bacause I started watching a show with a plot and wonderful actors that I’ve learned to use one of these things.
    My family is multi ethnic, and every regigion that you can name except Buddist, and I’m sure that will come too.
    Lifetime is supposed to be the channel for women; but so far with the exception of a fine show called Blood Ties they seem to prefer to show women as weak, self-loathing or just plain victims.
    When you grow up you’ll hopefully learn that it is the diversity of taste that makes a soup taste good. Grow up, get a life, and leave the growing number of Blood Ties fans alone, and we will gladly do the same to you.

  16. Dear Realist:
    I am appauled by your comments, as well as, your attitude. If you want to see a judgemental bigot, then simply look in the mirror. The name calling is completely inapproriate. As far as the ratings for Blood Ties vs How to Look Good Naked, you should know that Blood Ties far exceeded How to Look Good Naked’s viewership. Also, you need to do your research about who watches this show. It is definitely not “SciFi Geeks and Losers who can’t hold a job.” I guarantee you that my income exceeds yours ten fold, since I am the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation. As far as the viewers of Blood Ties being considered ignorant and uneducated, many of the people on the MB hold masters degrees and PHDs, including myself. I do not need a TV show to tell me How to Look Good Naked, I already do and no I do not have pimples or any of the other unpleasant attributes that you described. For your information, I am a former vogue model and Miss Kentucky, hardly a geek. You on the other hand, I have serious doubts. Do not insult us again with your ignorance.

  17. It is very disturbing to me to read comments such as the hateful ones from “realist”. This is the type of viewers you want Lifetime? If so more power to you.Let Blood Ties go and get picked up by another network. Cause As I see it, if Lifetime continues down this “reality” route… that is what you will get, viewers like “realist” .
    I have nothing against Karsen. Don’t know him to comment. I do not care for this show.And I have watched an episode.
    I have to say I am a huge fan of Blood Ties. I am also in the most sought after demographic wanted by lifetime. I am of age, married, working, children, grandchildren and many friends both off and on the internet. I would think Lifetime would pay more attention to that and work their programming to reflect what most woman of today want to see. I do not believe it to be “How to look good naked” on national tv…..

  18. Oh one more thing Realist. Just for your information. I am friends with Willian Shatner and his lovely wife. They have a home down the street from me, as well as, he competes in the same riding circuit as I do. He would never lower himself to make such rude comments in “real life” because he is a compassionate and kind individual. Anytime that I have been in his presence, he has always been the utmost gentlemen and has nothing but postive things to say. Maybe you need to stop watching so much TV and get a life of your own or better yet follow his example in “real life” since you seem to idolize him so much. I am sure that he would be disgraced to find someone using his name and/or quoting him is such a distasteful manner.

  19. Realist,
    Just FYI, I’m not a sci-fi geek, I own my home, & have a great job that I love. I’m also, not a computer geek. I’ve not seen a pimple in years!!! How can you make comments that are so hateful, & spiteful?? You don’t know any of us, or you wouldn’t be saying that. Take your own advice & grow up & get a life!! You should think before you speak. The lead character on the show that you are bashing happens to be a great role model for women. She’s a fighter, tough & doesn’t play the whimpy damsel in distress, or the victim. Don’t go running your mouth about things that you know nothing about. Again, grow up.

  20. Realist: By far, these women who love Blood Ties are not pimply faced sci-fi geeks who live with their parents. I wonder what kind of sterotypes we could apply to you? i’m guessing you are a shallow individual who has no real views of the world. Just because these ladies have a passion for a show that promotes the strength and indivuality of a women, doesn’t make them less than you. The vampire part of the show makes for a neat triangle and storyline.
    From what I’ve seen, these women who love Blood Ties are strong, confident, and smart. Most of the ones who live with their moms are teens. Can’t say everyone – cause I don’t know everyone but the Blood Ties fans have lives.
    The women on How to Look Good Naked and those who watch it, what is wrong with you all that you need a guy (gay or not) or anyone else to tell you how to look good naked. You should never define yourself from someone else’s view and standards. Shame on you. You should feel better about yourself than to put up with that show.
    Time for you to grow up Realist and anyone else who thinks the same way as you about the Ladies fighting to save Blood Ties.

  21. So sad that someone is so clueless to what is really going on. imjustaguy is right, as is everyone trying to enlighten you. I am a grown woman with five kids and one grandson,far from pimply-faced science geeks, but if that’s what you want to call us, go ahead. I have made some of the best friends in my life because of the campaigns to save this show. The fans may be posting opinions, online petitions, mailing things, etc. but one thing they haven’t done and will never do is GIVE UP!!!! Those words are not in our vocabulary and in case you didn’t notice, we are all a little Vicki Nelson here and imjustaguy is our Henry!!! Take out a loan and buy a life realist…”REALITY SHOWS BITE BUT NOT IN THE GOOD HENRY WAY!!!”

  22. Personally I have never seen either show, but Blood Ties definitely sounds more interesting than How to look good naked. Also from a man’s perspective this “Realist” person needs to learn some manners. Your comments towards these ladies is completely out of line and uncalled for. Be respectful when you post.

  23. Thanks Harry, much appreciated! I love Blood Ties for reasons that are exact opposite from those “Realist” mentioned. Far from being a pimply-faced SF geek, I have a full-time job, I’m raising a daughter who’s now in junior-high, I’ve got bills, worries, responsibilities, just like everyone else! And I really miss that one hour one night a week when I could indulge in some pure escapist fantasy. And what could be better than a detective show with supernatural overtones? (And a smokin’ hot vampire too!) I’ll tell you one thing: It’s not How To Look Good Naked!

  24. If this is kind of programming Lifetime embraces then I’m not interested in watching their network. I wouldn’t watch this show if you paid me too. It is insulting and degrading to women. What in the world does a gay man know about women looking good naked??? Why don’t you give us some quality programming Lifetime instead of garbage like this? Women don’t want reality – we want fantasy. We want to escape reality not have our faces rubbed in it. Please stop insulting us. If you believe you are a network for women, why don’t you listen to the women who know what they want and like and give us quality programming for example Blood Ties and Army Wives.

  25. I am not a fan of the show How to Look Good Naked. Lifetime you are making a big mistake putting this show back on the air for another season. How could you promote this type of program? I have to agree with many of the other comments made. I do not want to turn my TV on at night and sit down to watch a bunch of women parade around in their underwear on national TV regardless if it is this show or a Victoria Secrets special. Lifetime needs to get back to the basics of producing quality programming for women about women, not trash realty TV.

  26. I am hear to tell you that How to Look Good Naked is an insult to every women out there. We have so many issues we need to deal with already.Mortage payments ,Children ,Life Stresses.I for one don’t need a man gay or straight telling me how to look good naked..Blood Ties gave us an escape form reality and I for one want to have it back. FYI realist maybe you should watch some tv you might be able to talk to girls better…

  27. i would like to say to the one tyhat created this program how to look good naked i wioshed i could get on the show i need help i havea low selfesttem beacuse of other people manly men in my life are my x i wweight about 270lbs i fill so ugly io have 3 son thta have turned aginsted me because of ther daddy and i need help please i will prwy thta you will help me thank and god bless you agiain

  28. iam fat i am not proud of ny body my self is very low i dont have any i dont think anyway i hvae 3 sons they dont come very much i love them i want to see before i die but anyway i wished i could be oin that show i think you could help me anyway i will be praying that you can help are me will the show how to look gopod naked thank you and god bless you alll

  29. The actual display sister spouses is actually sickening. It’s sad what people consider love these days.

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