Obama’s Winning in Video Views

Apr 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Sen. Barack Obama is No. 1 in the Web video race.
According to a study released today by Nielsen Online, Sen. Obama’s Web site had the most unique viewers of video content for the month of March, at 518,000. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s site followed with 351,000, with Sen. John McCain trailing far behind at 38,000 uniques.
The findings were released as part of a study that reports overall growth in Web video consumption.
Only 1% of viewers viewed both of the Democratic candidates’ sites, prompting Nielsen to suggest there is minimal overlap in viewing between the two, and that a candidate’s site is more likely to attract a supporter than a curious undecided voter.
“This reinforces a clear trend toward candidates using the Web as a rallying point for their base—as a place to disseminate talking points and to gather contributions,” said Jon Gibs, Nielsen Online VP of media analytics, in a statement. “Undecided voters seem to understand this and appear to be going elsewhere, including online destinations such as CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times, as well as less official channels such as YouTube.”


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