Quicktakes: Kevin Martin’s Performance as FCC Chairman

Apr 20, 2008  •  Post A Comment

How would you rate Kevin Martin’s performance as FCC chairman?
“Parents and families have benefited from the leadership of Chairman Kevin Martin. The FCC has, for the first time, vigorously enforced federal broadcast decency law, and Chairman Martin’s commitment to the concept of a la carte cable choice is an example of what policymakers should do to address not only the burgeoning amount of adult content on television, but also the underlying financial burden shouldered by millions of consumers.”
— Tim Winter, president, Parents Television Council
“Kevin Martin has more political savvy than his predecessor Michael Powell. However, Common Cause is concerned that he is putting corporate interests before the public interest, as Powell did. One needs to look no further than his push for greater consolidation of the media. … We are also troubled by his statements on net neutrality. Martin should be looking to expand freedom and innovation on the Internet, and not turn this most democratic medium over to corporate gatekeepers.”
— Mary Boyle, VP of communications, Common Cause

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