Republicans Want CNN, MSNBC to Pull New Anti-McCain Ad

Apr 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Republican National Committee is calling on CNN and MSNBC to pull down a new ad from the Democratic National Committee about Sen. John McCain’s Iraq statements. The RNC said the ad is a “gross distortion” and demonstrates illegal coordination between the Democratic presidential candidates and the party.
DNC Chairman Howard Dean announced Sunday that the ad would start running this week. It suggests Sen. McCain would maintain the U.S. military presence in Iraq for up to 100 years, cutting between the senator saying Americans could be there 100 years and scenes of combat.
Steve McMahon’s Issue & Image of Alexandria, Va., produced the Democrats’ ad.
RNC chairman Mike Duncan today called the ad “maliciously false” and said Sen. McCain was answering a question referring to what could happen after hostilities cease. He said the 100-year reference was taken out of context and called the combat imagery “another attempt to mischaracterize and mislead.”
RNC general counsel Sean Cairncross said the ad was illegal because it represented coordinated expenditure.
At a press conference convened Monday afternoon, Dr. Dean suggested the GOP response was a demonstration that “we struck a nerve.”
He defended the ad’s accuracy and contended that Republicans were upset because “we are bringing up one of John McCain’s major weaknesses.”
“It’s another attempt to blow smoke,” said Dr. Dean.
Joe Sandler, general counsel to the DNC, said there had been no discussion yet with the cable news networks, but that normally Democrats are given the opportunity to respond to any GOP ad complaints.
Both he and Dr. Dean denied there had been any illegal coordination of the ad with Democratic candidates. Mr. Sandler said said there was “no possibility” the ads would be pulled.
A CNN spokesman said the network had received the RNC’s letter and planned to air the ad beginning Tuesday. An MSNBC spokesman declined comment.
A Democratic National Committee spokeswoman said the party also is trying to buy time for the ad on Fox News Channel and that the party’s Web site is drawing contributions from supporters wanting to air the ad.
8:15 p.m.: Updated with CNN, MSNBC response.
1:55 p.m.: Updated with Dean, Sandler comments


  1. Don’tcha just LOVE politics and politicians?
    So many truly important matters on everyone’s table these days and all this “Brain Trust” can come up with is sling’in BS back and forth, AND making an issue of that stuff.
    I sure do wish my life were that un-comp-li-cated!
    Stop giving them Headline Space…Ignore them!
    Peter Bright

  2. The Republican National Committee complaining about unfair ads??The Mudslingers of American Politics bristling about things taken out of context?? Ohhhh wow!! I feel for them, but I just can’t reach them. If I know them, and I surely do, they have a thousand page bashing list already to go no matter who wins the Democrat race. If ANY Republican Anywhere gets elected in November, I will be really surprised…I believe the uprising is on the way…they just don’t realize it yet. My candidate, Elmer Fudd, makes the leader of the Republican party look like someone who doesn’t read…either newspapers or the United States Constitution and couldn’t care less about either.

  3. Unfair ads?
    The use of this URL causes us to ask where Republicans stand on the issue of Identity Theft:

  4. I have something to say about McCain ad if you can air negative ads of Rev wright and Obama,and smear Rev wright name in your so call media and make Obama seem as if he not in some way connected to Rev wright’s thought pattern why we have a balance prospective about all the canidates including former cadidate pat buchann on the statement he made about Obama answer to race in america let’s hear balance reporting on issues not try and sabotage Obama chances of becoming the nominee. for once in your news casting, do the right thing and nonsense news into reality. By the way it’s just not happening this time around people are getting wiser.

  5. Republicans talk about the free market and how the Democrats want to limit the free expression of ideas through proposals such as reviving the Fairness Doctrine, the Equal Time rule, etc. Then they want to remove anythiung thast criticizes them.
    I think it is fair to get into McCain’s 100-year remakr. Let him answer it in a response ad, not try to suppress the messenger.
    I felt the same way when Democrats wanted the anti-Clinton 9/11 miniseries pulled from ABC. We must have free speech.

  6. I’m not a republican, but Dean is a wacko and anything connected to him is wacko. If I were Obama or Clinton I would distance myself from him as much as possible.

  7. Lohan Should go to Rehab Today, She will be definitely repeating this as a stunt to attempt to reduce her sentencing in Oct if not altogether keep away from any jail time. She’s so clear and predictable.

  8. The world is excellent the teabaggers now have destroyed the republican party!!

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