David E. Kelley Moves to WBTV

May 27, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Emmy Award-winning writer-producer David E. Kelley signed an exclusive three-year development and production deal with Warner Bros. Television, Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television, announced today.
Kelley will develop new drama and comedy television programming, as well as potential unscripted and digital series, under the deal. The projects, produced in association with Warner Bros. Television or Warner Horizon Television, will be aimed at broadcast and cable networks. Warner Bros. International Television will distribute the series abroad.
Kelley previously worked with Roth during his tenure at Fox Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television, which Kelley now leaves after 22 years.
“David E. Kelley is one of the most gifted, most talented, most successful writers in our business. Together we enjoyed a partnership and friendship that will always be special to me,” Mr. Roth said. “From our days together working on ‘Picket Fences’ to ‘The Practice,’ from ‘Chicago Hope’ to ‘Ally McBeal,’ his creative vision and leadership are virtually unparalleled, and we are thrilled to have him join our Warner Bros. Television family.”


  1. I would like to email Mr Kelley regarding his decision to end the Boston Legal series. I feel this is not a good decision. Mr. Kelley really delivers a wonderful incide to our society. His television shows presents challenging issues to Americans far better than our educators. I truly hope that he will not discontinue this series. I feel when watching the episodes that the appropriate research has been conducted to present the pros and cons of each issue. Our society needs his approach to all these issues.
    Is it possible for me to email him or his staff. I truly admire his work and especially Boston Legal. Thank you, Diane Boyd

  2. SAVE BOSTON LEGAL!!! SAVE BOSTON LEGAL!!! SAVE BOSTON LEGAL !!! This should be the incantation of every Boston Legal Fan out there. I join Diane in her plea to save the show. I have been following the character of Alan Shore since he peeked his head into the law office of Bobby Donnell in “The Practice”. I am saddened by the prospect of losing such a show that has so profoundly provoked thought and challenged various ideologies.
    I have always been a fan of law and had prospects of going to law school. Boston Legal prompted me to go to school and I am close to that goal. However silly it may seem that a fictional show could prompt someone to better himself, it has happened.
    I don’t know how few are the voices that wish Boston Legal would continue nor what influence they would have anyway. Nevertheless, I feel it would be remiss not to at least put in a word for my friend Denny and Alan, as self-serving as it may be, so that they may yet see the light of another season.
    Mr. Kelley, I applaud you. Your writing has inspired me. Whatever fate Boston Legal suffers, I have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for both the entertainment and the sentiment you elicited so that I could benefit from a little more introspection. Thank you.
    How about bringing some characters from “The Practice” back into the scene before we say farewell?

  3. Please don’t end Boston Legal!!! or how about a spin-off??? Please!!!

  4. I am very happy to see Boston Legal coming to an end. The elite in the entertainment industry need to realize that when the public tunes in to watch series TV, we are tuning in to be entertained, not to hear the enlightened celebrities and producers spew and promote their political views in the name of entertainment.
    The advertisers, whose advertising dollars fund these shows also do not appreciate the misuse of their dollars by the entertainment industry either. If you want news via partisan political promotion, tune into Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Colbert or John Stewart. In the meantime, shows like Boston Legal need to stick to entertaining, not pontificating. Celebrities are hardly examples of stability in society. So if they want to work in entertainment, let’s have entertainment and leave your self proclaimed self importance and obvious heightened plane of enlightment outside the sound stage!

  5. On December 1, I watched what can only be described as an ironic segment of “Boston Legal”. Catherine (Betty White) sues the television media for not providing intelligent programming for those of us over 60. Ironic because, the one intelligently written, incredibly well-performed program is going off the air!
    Mr. Kelley, I don’t know what the problem is but you have to keep this program going! As a resident of Massachusetts for all of my 70 years, I have watched and enjoyed this program every week and also watch reruns on ION television. I do not make any plans on Monday night because I want to be available to watch. Get rid of some of these incredibly inane, “reality” shows (nothing real about them), quiz shows w/ screaming morons who jump up and down when they win a dollar, etc., ad infinitem. We need this program…it is by far the cream of the crop and if I could only see one program on tv, this would be the one I would want to see.
    So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, save Boston Legal!!!!!!

  6. I would like to know if Mr. Kelley plans on making a spin-off to Boston Legal which would star the original cast from Boston Legal. If it is at all possible I would like to e-mail Mr. Kelley as well to not only let him know what a magnificent job he had done with Boston Legal but offer encouragement to make a spin-off of Boston Legal.

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