New TV Shows: Watch the Video Previews

May 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Get a sneak peek at next season’s television shows today with TVWeek.com’s pilot preview video player. ABC, CBS, Fox and the CW are providing early looks at shows including “Fringe,” “Dollhouse,” “ Surviving the Filthy Rich,” “The Goode Family” and “The Worst Week.”
ABC gives a glimpse of its two new shows, “Life on Mars,” a time-traveling cop drama, and “Opportunity Knocks,” a traveling game show from producer Ashton Kutcher. The network also provides viewers taste of the new material slated to air midseason, with clips for its NBC transplant “Scrubs” and the Mike Judge animated “The Goode Family,”
CBS provides the longest look with previews from “The Eleventh Hour,” a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama about a forensic investigator; “The Ex-List,” a dramedy about a woman trying to find a husband from among her exes; “Harper’s Island,” a murder-mystery serial whodunnit; “Project Gary,” a comedy about a pair of dueling ex-spouses and parents; “The Mentalist,” a drama about a celebrity psychic-turned-detective; and “The Worst Week,” a comedy about the romantic travails of a nice guy with terrible luck.
The CW, out to prove its mettle as a female-centric destination, previews “Surviving the Filthy Rich,” a comedy about spoiled set of twins and their tutor, and “Stylista,” a reality show that gives contestants the chance to assist Anne Slowey of Elle.
Fox offers “Sit Down, Shut Up,” the new animated program from Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz; “The Cleveland Show,” a “Family Guy” spinoff from show-helmer Seth MacFarlane; “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon’s thriller “Dollhouse”; and “Secret Millionaire,” a feel-good reality show that surprises community activists with cash rewards.
Check out TelevisionWeek’s Upfront Navigator page for news and exclusive TVWeek.com interviews with network executives, as well as access to the new show preview player.


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