OMD’s DeSocio Moves to Lifetime

May 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Lifetime Networks executive VP Debbie Richman has hired David DeSocio, her former colleague at media buyer OMD, as senior VP of Lifetime Partnerships.
At Lifetime, Mr. DeSocio, who had been chief strategy officer at OMD, will work with sponsors to create advertising opportunities for all of Lifetime’s assets and networks.
“Central to the rapid growth of Lifetime is our ability to leverage our powerful brand across multiple platforms,” Ms. Richman said in a statement. “As we take our business to the next level, David’s proven success and wide-ranging experience in creating innovative opportunities for clients make him a key player in forging new types of advertising partnerships.”
Ms. Richman joined Lifetime from OMD in March.
Before joining OMD, Mr. DeSocio spent seven years at AOL Time Warner, and had previously worked at ad agencies Deutsch and J. Walter Thompson.

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