Online Video Counts Grow as Measurements Change

May 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The number of videos viewed online is increasing dramatically each month because video sites have lessened their standards for what constitutes a view.
That’s the finding of a new research report from online video services firm TubeMogul, which claims video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Yahoo have relaxed their standards for what constitutes a view. That in turn is driving up overall views online for video.
In the study, TubeMogul sought to test which actions result in a view on sites including YouTube, Yahoo, DailyMotion and others. TubeMogul tested whether scenarios such as watching a video start to finish multiple times, watching more than half-way or refreshing the browser after video play has begun counted as a view.
Most of the popular video sites counted all these scenarios as views, TubeMogul said.
The study found the most stringent sites for measuring views were Blip.TV and Metacafe, with Dailymotion and Howcast following close behind.
“The lack of standardization presents complexity to content producers and advertisers in understanding the relative popularity of videos across video sites,” the study said. “To fully realize the potential of advertising models in the online video medium, increased standardization and transparency is required.”

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