QuickTakes: Are Viewers Out of the Habit of Watching Prime-Time TV?

May 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Do you think viewers are getting out of the habit of watching prime-time TV?
“Distributing shows online does not cannibalize prime-time viewing. Consumer choice expands demand, and by distributing shows online, content owners are able to capture a demographic that has already abandoned TV. In addition, distributing shows online gives content owners the ability to monetize their content, rather than become a victim of piracy.”
— Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost
“What’s prime-time television? Unless Kobe is shooting a basketball in the NBA Playoffs (scoring) or Jason is dropping the lyrics of a Bob Dylan classic on ‘American Idol’ (fouling), I’d prefer to schedule my own prime time via the DVR. And even with ‘Idol’ I cheat and watch the eliminations online prior to viewing the West Coast network feed.”
— Tom Frank, CEO of Akimbo
“Prime-time viewership is dropping because of the growing viewing options consumers have nowadays. A recent study I read noted that cable viewership actually increased a point over the last year. If you’re throwing a party on Saturday night and only three other people are throwing parties (i.e., before cable emerged), chances are you’ll get a big crowd. If 500 people are throwing parties (i.e., nowadays, cable and Internet), then you’re going to get fewer people at your party, regardless of how broad the theme is. And who cares if people can teleconference into your party (i.e., online VOD)—the majority of people are simply chillin’ elsewhere.”
Max Benator, head of digital media, RDF USA


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