Stations’ Political Ad Bounty Isn’t Over Yet

May 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Democratic race for president may be nearly over, but there are signs its conclusion will kick off a new flurry of political advertising, pushing this year’s record spending even higher.
That’s good news for television stations, which are struggling with revenue declines, and it breaks the customary pattern of a political spending lull that normally occurs prior to party conventions.
The candidates have strong motivations to step up spending. Republican nominee Sen. John McCain may need to separate himself from the current Republican office holder in the face of Democratic attacks that portray him as a clone of President George W. Bush. And Sen. Barack Obama, who leads in the Democratic race, needs to introduce himself and his policies nationally.
Those factors and others are likely to combine to bring an unprecedented airing of presidential advertising throughout the summer, according to Democratic and GOP consultants.
“This campaign was jump-started early and it’s running real hot right through to the end,” said Brian Donahue, senior VP of Jamestown Associates, a GOP consultant. “There is no time to breathe in the 2008 presidential election.”
Political spending on the 2008 presidential race could top $800 million, up from $650 million in 2004, according to research firm TNS Media Intelligence.
In March, TNSMI reported that in 2007, spot sales at TV stations dropped 10.2% to $15.59 billion and that local TV stations’ overall share of the ad market dropped to 11.3% from 12.5% in 2006.
Mr. Donahue said both sides need to get their messages out.
“McCain has to begin to shape the environment on his terms. The Republican party has been tasked with reconfiguring its message. The Democratic party has to move to instill unity. Both parties have to present convincing platforms very quickly,” he said.
Democratic consultant Steve McMahon of Issue & Image in Alexandria, Va., said the Obama campaign’s ability to raise funds and the cash-poor McCain campaign’s lack of ads during the GOP primaries also seem to dictate advertising will surge before the conventions.
“I don’t think there is going to be a break,” he said.
Mr. McMahon said the Obama campaign’s fundraising gives it greater flexibility. “He has a lot of filling in to do to establish a deeper sense of shared values.”
Four years ago, while up to 19 states were in play early, only about a dozen drew heavy advertising.
Consultants and party officials say this time around, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada are likely to join Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and New Jersey as major battlegrounds; Wisconsin and Minnesota also could come into play.
While TV stations still are likely to get heavy spending, the more states in play, the more likely it is that the campaigns will turn to the efficiencies of buying national ads.
For the McCain campaign and Republicans, it is especially crucial to take on Mr. Obama now, according to the consultants.
“Barack Obama has done a tremendous job at creating a mega-personality campaign, transcending party and issue lines,” said Mr. Donahue. “Republicans must be issue-based and show his principles are not in line with mainstream America.”
Democrats also need to get out some messages, the analysts said. Top priorities are unifying the party after the Obama-Hillary Clinton fight, winning over Hispanics to Obama and trying to insure that some of the many new voters who registered for the primaries show up to vote in November.
In addition, Sen. Obama has to introduce himself in two important swing states, Florida and Michigan, where his campaign did not run primary ads.
How much money will be spent this summer and whether the ads come from the campaigns themselves, political parties, political committees or special-interest groups isn’t yet clear.
The Democratic National Committee has already launched several ads questioning Sen. McCain’s stances, and DNC Press Secretary Stacie Paxton said there will be more.
“People want change. They don’t want a third Bush term. Clearly on issue after issue, John McCain represents more of the same failed Bush policies,” she said.
The Republican National Committee has launched Web videos, but no advertising yet. Sen. Obama’s level of experience will be an issue, the RNC said.
“From his tax-and-spend economic proposals to his misguided national security policies, Barack Obama clearly lacks the experience and the judgment to be our nation’s commander in chief,” said Amber Wilkerson, the RNC’s deputy press secretary.
Neither McCain nor Obama campaign officials returned several calls to talk about their plans.
Political observers suggest that if, as expected, the Obama campaign elects not to take public financing, most Democratic ads would come from the Obama campaign, the national party and some labor unions’ political committees.
The McCain campaign is expected to take public money, limiting its spending; that likely means Republicans will make more use of funding or ads from groups and political action committees. Spokesmen for several GOP committees said their group’s plans haven’t yet been finalized.
One of the Democratic committees, MoveOn.com, has announced it will be active this year.


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