Upfront Video: CBS Fall Preview

May 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek brings you a sneak peek at CBS’ fall lineup, unveiled today at the network’s upfront presentation. For more news and video on the upfront advertising market in New York, check the Upfront Navigator page. CBS’s slated schedule adds include:
— “The Eleventh Hour,” a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama about a forensic investigator
— “The Ex-List,” a dramedy about a woman trying to find a husband from among her exes
— “Harper’s Island,” a murder-mystery serial whodunnit
— “Project Gary,” a comedy about a pair of dueling ex-spouses and parents
— “The Mentalist,” a drama about a celebrity psychic-turned-detective
— “Worst Week,” a comedy about the romantic travails of a nice guy with terrible luck

Updated: Descriptions, title of “The Eleventh Hour.” 3:30 p.m.


  1. Yay! Harper’s Island is going to be awesome to watch! The Mentalist reminds me of that Sunday show.

  2. Eleventh Hour isn’t paranormal! It’s a series of hard science thrillers.
    I think the LA Times made the mistake and now everyone’s repeating it.

  3. 11th Hour may be interesting.
    Harper’s Island looks like it could be great.
    The rest look like crap.

  4. 11th hour didn’t work in the UK so unless they jazz it up it’ll sink like a stone.
    I didn’t watch all of the ex-list as it was blatant crap from the start.
    Harpers Island is another Prison Break with no real idea for season 2 and beyond.
    Project Gary could be good but it looks to be a “safe” comedy.
    The Mediumist… sorry Mentalist could be good if it doesn’t go too formulaic.
    Worst Week looks to be another remake of a UK show. Hard to tell if they’re going for straight comedy or mixing it with drama.

  5. Jay Mohr was amazing in “Action” – How you guys can dis this show without seeing this entire pilot is ridiculous. I tend to give it a at least a couple episodes before I decide.

  6. The only one of these I might give a go is 11th Hour. Everything else pretty much seems to pander to the lowest common denomintor of human intelligence. Mindlessness.

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