McCain, Obama Spots in ‘Army Wives’ Support Military Families

Jun 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama have taped on-air spots for Lifetime Television Network to honor the service of American military families.
The 30-second messages are set to begin airing June 4 and will run until the June 8 premiere of the channel’s “Army Wives” at 10 p.m. The drama, which focuses on the travails of the spouses of deployed U.S. military men and women, is the highest-rated series in the cable channel’s history.
In Sen. McCain’s spot, he jokes about wife Cindy’s addiction to the show, adding, “As we honor and cherish the sacrifices made by those who have served our nation, we should also honor those who are currently in harm’s way, defending our freedom, and the brave families that await their safe return.”
Sen. Obama notes, “‘Army Wives’ tells a story that’s being lived by families across this country—by loved ones who are counting the days until the next R&R; by young children whose parents have been deployed so many times they barely know them; by parents who sit by the phone, waiting anxiously for their son or daughter to call; and by all who mourn the loss of one of America’s fallen heroes.”
Sen. Hillary Clinton, who like the other two is running for president, was invited to participate in the ad campaign but was unable to do so due to scheduling conflicts.
The spots can be viewed at http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/army-wives/personal-messages-john-mccain-and-barack-obama.


  1. i am in a military family my father is now serving over seas for the second time…my father has missed alot being over there like the birth of his first grandchild and this time he never got to say goodbye to his best friend his dog we had to put him to sleep he was sick and old and the hardest thing was to tell him over the phone that his best friend had died…now neither him nor i regret him being over there, i’ve never been more proud to call him dad…but i hear all these things to support the families but we have never had any support we get a phone call once a month to check up on us thats it…i understand that my dad is not hurt or anything but he still misses alot..what kind of support is out there for all the families cause everyone deserves it…maybe those that are hurt deserve more but we would still like to be reconized we want support for all our troops and all our military families…they all deserve it…i am proud my dad is serving he is my greatest hero i look up to him….thank you
    Proud daughter of SK2 Richard Arnold, United States Naval Reserves

  2. I am the spouse of a retired SFC.
    Since my husband is still working for the US Army he is still facing long time absences from home.
    He is currently gone again and we have to manage our life once again by ourselves. I know each year that he has to leave but it always breaks my heart to see and let him go.
    Our daughter is married to a active soldier. Shortly after their first daughter was born he got deployed to Iraq. He missed his daughters first steps, first spoken words, missed seeing her grow up the first year of her young life.
    After the deployment my daughter and her husband had to get to know each other again.
    I know how hard it is for all couples to find to each other again because I am are facing this each year again and again.
    Now our son decided to join the service and he will be going off to Basic Training end off this summer.
    It is extremly hard to see our loved ones going away. No matter if it is to be stationed far away from home or seeing them deploying.
    But we, the Family members, always stick together, help each other, be there for each other. No one, but us, knows how hard it is to learn of having to let go. And no one, but us, can describe the feeling of joy and happiness to hold them in the arm again when they come home.
    I also like to commend on the video clip of Senator McCain and Senator Obama.
    Senator McCain, is it very nice of you to recognize the Family members, but I am upset that right after your Recognition you say: “You are the best Americans”.
    Senator McCain, since you were one of the once serving in the US Armed Forces you should know better that we Spouses and Family members are coming from everywhere around this world. We, the Military Family members, are not all Americans.
    Thank you Senator Obama for thanking and recognizing ALL of us Military Family members.
    No matter were we come from.
    God bless you.

  3. Thank you for supporting our military members via this television series.
    There is a great way for all Americans to support our troops. Our troops often do not have access to a PX so care packages deliver essential items. You can go to http://www.give2thetroops.org and find out how to make donations to this 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization, which has been sending care packages since the start of this mission. By donating funds to pay for postage, and items for the packages, we can say thank you for your sacrifices, bravery, and dedication to our deployed military members. I know that the economy is hard right now, but by making small sacrifices in our budget-skipping a frozen coffee drink, a fast food meal, or a new piece of jewelry, we can help provide toothpaste, clean socks, weapon cleaning kits, snacks to relieve the boredom of MREs, and recreation items for our troops. And this is a wonderful way for all of America to says thanks. Even you Sen Obama and Sen McCain can dig into your wallets to help support our troops. Thank you to all the military families who make sacrifices each day in order to provide protection for our world.

  4. I am a Military wife and an Active Duty Military Member. Because of this I face the same challenges as a wife and a mother that all military spouses face yet as a military member I also face the challenges of a soldier. My husband was recently deployed for a 365, I am now a single mother of a 1 yr old and also a Soldier who does her duty without question. I have a plan in place in case I am tagged to deploy as well. I have a plan in place in case I am asked to work longer hours because no just isnt an answer I can give. I have the up most respect for military wives, we put up with more than most women could handle and we come through stronger. It never gets easier yet we never give up. I want to thank the fellow spouses from a soldiers perspective. Us soldiers would have no reason to fight as hard as we do without all the support and love from those that wait for us at home. Please continue the love and support it keeps us strong. Military life isn’t easy but those who live it deserve the all the respect that you can give. Thank you to everyone who bothers to thank us for our service it means more than anyone will ever know.

  5. I don’t believe McCain said “You are the best Americans” as an insult. You have to remember that those in Iraq, Afganistan, or wherever, that they are the ones that are really giving the ulimate sacrifice. I was an active duty Marine for over 11 years. I was medically discharged because I could not go fight for my country. It was very hard for me because I thought that is where I should be. However, my husband is serving a one year tour over in Iraq. While it is very difficult to have him gone and I worry daily, it does not compare to what he is going through. He has to “survive” on a daily basis not knowing what could happen while I have some luxuries at home to comfort me. He misses not only one person, but his entire family. No matter what it is, just show support for our troops, they are the ones that really deserve the recognition. I understand that dependents miss their loved one, but think about how they feel (for just one moment).

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