Program Partners to Launch Fall Syndie Package

Jun 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

National syndicator Program Partners is set to launch a package of programming this fall featuring two new series for local stations, makeover show “Style by Jury” and game show “Inside the Box.”
These programs will join unaired episodes and repeats of “Merv Griffin’s Crosswords,” which is going on production hiatus for the new season.
The three series will be available to stations for the fall as part of the show package, which is designed by Program Partners to allow stations to pick any of the trio of shows during the course of the season to match a market’s particular needs.
“We have been in the unique position of being able to craft this initiative that will give stations the flexibility to choose between different strips for daytime without being locked in to one series for one or two seasons that may not be working,” said Josh Raphaelson, principal at Program Partners.
In addition, the distributor is offering a 4.5/2.5 split of minutes during the programs in favor of stations that pick them up. That’s a departure from the typical 3.5/3.5 that often is the norm in syndication deals. The more favorable terms are an effort to give stations more alternatives in programming, Ritch Colbert, principal at Program Partners, said.
“Because of the economy, stations haven’t had a viable alternative to paid programming, which disrupts scheduling and drives audiences away,” Mr. Colbert said. “By giving them a favorable barter split with no cash involved, they no have a viable alternative to that by running fresh, quality programming instead.”
“Style by Jury,” a makeover show in which a jury of people judge an individual’s style choices before and after a fashion consultation, ranks as the top series on basic cable in Canada among women 25 to 54.
“Inside the Box” is a game show featuring TV trivia.
“Crosswords,” meanwhile, will return with only repeats and unaired episodes following its debut this season.
“There is tremendous pedigree with this show, which has proven to be a consistent performer for stations,” Mr. Raphaelson said.


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