Quicktakes: Do You Think Viewers Are Getting Out of The Habit of Watching Prime-Time TV?

Jun 1, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Do you think viewers are getting out of the habit of watching prime-time TV?
“Prime time means zilch to younger generations who are growing up with pretty much everything being on-demand, whenever and wherever they want it, and in greater abundance than ever, from TiVo to downloading. The notion of ‘tuning in’ will become obsolete, except for major live events. Oh, and the now many alternatives to watching TV, from gaming to chat to surfing sites, are of course even further eroding prime time.”
— Reinier Evers, founder of TrendWatching.com
“Distributing shows online does not cannibalize prime-time viewing. Consumer choice expands demand, and by distributing shows online, content owners are able to capture a demographic that has already abandoned TV. In addition, distributing shows online gives content owners the ability to monetize their content, rather than become a victim of piracy.”
— Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost


  1. I love the expression. Everyone needs to express there own opinion and feel free to hear others. Keep it up 🙂

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