Ready-to-Roll ‘Top Gear’ Names Hosts

Jun 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

NBC is beginning production on “Top Gear,” the latest series imported from Britain.
The gearhead reality show, from BBC Worldwide America, premiered in the U.K. in 1977. It follows hosts as they test-drive expensive cars, take road trips and try out new automotive technology.
The American iteration, set to air this fall, stars comedian Adam Carolla, rally and drift racer Tanner Foust and construction expert Eric Stromer.
“This franchise is a proven winner worldwide and the hosting team of Adam, Tanner and Eric that we have brought together for the U.S. version offers a perfect match of humor, insider know-how and priceless track experience,” Craig Plestis, NBC’s executive VP of alternative programming, said in a statement Monday.


  1. Dammit! Why did they cast that show without asking me? I’d do that gig for FREE!

  2. Adam and team are no Richard,Jeremy & Capt. Slow
    Maybe NBC would do better if they didn’t try to import British successes with such poor American versions.

  3. Most of the cars reviewed on the BBC version are available in the US, so if NBC was smart they’d just run the BBC version as BBC America does, perhaps slightly reedited to remove the Vauxhall reviews.
    Rather than a The Office, I smell another Couplings coming for NBC…
    (Recall they asked Jay Leno to host and he refused to sully the name of the BBC version by taking part.)

  4. I love the British version on BBC! They are brutally honest in their reviews! So funny!!

  5. That should get car enthusiasts excited and if you want more car video try
    the wheelstv network

  6. This show is going to suck. I mean, the only person who is even remotely qualified to speak to this is the drift guy. I mean, a comedian and a reality construction host?
    Give me a break..

  7. ps, Craig Plestis should be fired.

  8. What NBC doesen’t know, is that asking those three American hosts to create an American version of Top Gear is like giving three people
    Carbonated water, Sugar, Brown Food Dye, and asking them to make Coca Cola, and then sell it. What idiots going to buy that? Certainly not one that’s ever had the real thing.
    They should save their money for an origional idea if they ever could get one.

  9. As others have said, this is going to be a total joke. Adam Corolla and some drifting guy? Really? No wonder Jay Leno turned down hosting the show! And nobody on network TV is as much of a gear-head than Jay. Leno was quoted as being concerned that the US show would not equal the BBC version as being the reason for turning down the gig. With that idiot Corolla hosting, it will be lucky to have three or four episodes air before being dropped. If the peacock wants to exploit a successful BBC show, they at least need the quality to be equal. NBC needs to get a clue, and quit trying to use regurgitated talent from the typical LA agent talent pools, and do what the UK Top Gear did, and find some funny automotive writers.

  10. The only way i would consider watching this program is if the drifter dude would run over Adam Corolla. Adam Corolla will have this show on at 2AM on wednesday night within 6 episodes. Top Gear BBC is a fantastic show . NBC some things should be left alone.

  11. I agree that the bar is set extremely high by the bbc. Maybe if it last a seasons it might be descent. The only car review show we have, even on cable that I know of, is motorweek on pbs. Come on, it has to be more entertaining than that.

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