Revision3 to Distribute ‘Wine Library TV’

Jun 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

In one of the biggest content distribution deals to date among independent Web-video entrepreneurs, online television network Revision3 is bringing the popular Internet show “Wine Library TV” into its fold, distributing the program and selling advertising on it.
Beginning in two weeks, Revision3 will market and re-distribute the daily show hosted by wine expert, author and businessman Gary Vaynerchuk. Revision3 pushes its content across iTunes, blip.tv, Joost, YouTube, Hulu and Revision3.com. Mr. Varynerchuk will continue to distribute the show through the channels he already uses, including WineLibrary.com, Viddler and iTunes.
In addition, Revision3 will craft a bite-sized version of the show each day and become the exclusive distributor of that shorter three- to six-minute version of “Wine Library TV.” The show normally runs about 20 minutes.
Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback declined to disclose financial details, but said both parties expect to make money with the deal. “WineLibraryTV” draws more than 60,000 views each day but Mr. Vaynerchuk thus far has not sold advertising in the show. As a Revision3 partner, “Wine Library TV” will include advertisers for the first time starting June 23. Mr. Louderback did not name the advertisers, but said to expect some of the existing Revision3 sponsors to advertise in “WineLibraryTV.”
The deal reflects the maturation of the Web video business. Revision3 competes against other online TV studios such as Next New Networks and For Your Imagination. By bringing in a high-profile and popular show, Revision3 instantly grows the number of views it can sell each month to advertisers.
The partnership also signals the latest phase in Revision3’s business strategy. To date, the company has developed most of its shows in house. Then just last week, Revision3 announced that it had acquired the popular Web series “Epic Fu.” Earlier this year, Revision3 also inked a deal with well-known Web video star Veronica Belmont, who is now a co-host of Revision3’s “Tekzilla.”
“We really want to be aligned with and work with the folks who are building audiences online,” Mr. Louderback said. “We are looking at building the new world of television with acquisitions and partnerships and if people are doing great stuff we want to work with them.”
Episodes of “WineLibraryTV” will be available June 23 at http://www.revision3.com/winelibrarytv. Promos will begin running this week.


  1. Rev3 are definitely becoming ‘THE’ online TV channel and this deal with Wine Library does not surprise me considering the relationship between Kevin Rose and Gary of Wine Library.
    This should benefit both parties as it will open up viewers on both sides.
    Now if I could figure out how to get Rev3 shows to launch from my Nintendo Wii.

  2. Jason I agree, Wii watching would be rad~
    PS: Daisy I love u :)!

  3. They would be better off with that chick from taste of vino I saw on itunes. much better and a lot easier to look at!

  4. Jason, you must work for Rev3…the service is unwatchable.
    The kids watching rev3 don’t want wine shows.

  5. Excellent job.

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  12. Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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