Sternberg Forms Documentary Division

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Scott Sternberg, whose company produces reality shows such as “Shootout” on AMC and “The Academy” on Fox Reality Channel, loves documentaries.
Now with a half-dozen projects on air, his 17-year-old company, Scott Sternberg Productions, is forming a new division to produce documentaries dealing with topics including religion, relationships, fashion and disease—topics Mr. Sternberg said matter to Americans.
With his company having so much unscripted programming on air, “now seemed like a good time” to push a documentary agenda, Mr. Sternberg said. “I’ve got these pet projects and pet ideas. Let’s see if I can move them to fruition.”
The first documentary on Mr. Sternberg’s slate is “I Can’t Take It Anymore.” It’s about four young adults raised as Hasidic Jews and the challenges they face as they leave home, examining the conflict between secular and religious society.
The documentary division also is working on an untitled project about Morgellon’s disease, a mysterious skin disorder that affects an estimated 10,000 American families, according to Mr. Sternberg.
Documentary filmmaking is not a business one goes into to get rich, he said.
“Hopefully they’ll make a couple of pennies,” Mr. Sternberg said. “It’s not going to go into the retirement fund.”
But the reality business has been good to Mr. Sternberg, with talk shows, game shows, reality competition shows and clip shows in production.
Sternberg Production’s upcoming shows include “The Singing Office,” launching on TLC later this month; “Raw Nerve,” a talk show with William Shatner slated to appear on A&E Television Networks’ Biography channel; and a game show for GSN called “Catch 21.”
The company also is producing the syndicated game show “The Limit,” with Debmar-Mercury, and the magazine show “Hollywood Uncensored.” Last year it produced “Hey Paula” for Bravo.


  1. Hi,
    My name is Shawn Burrell I am a 51 year old, married mother of a beautiful 11 year old son who is showing more and more overt signs of Morgellon’s Disease every day. I’ve been suffering with this disease on a practically ubearable level for well over four years now.
    I first learned of this docu. in the works several months ago, savwd the and link after posting a notice of great interest regarding the production of the Morgellon’s Documentary. Unfortunetly, I recieved no reply.
    I would very much appreciate the opprotunity to speak with the appropriate contact to exppress my passion and willingness to aid the production of it.
    I do not want to be mistaken for arrogant or self rightous, however… I would be the perfect candidate in every way and in many various capacities to be a player for such and with much grattitude for the opprotunity.
    In fact, my husband of 14 years has had a very strong backgrund in radio, tv, and publis relation for a substantial part of his life. He has always wanted to do voice over work in the form of a documentary and is quite tallented.
    Again, not to be arrogant, on his behalf, it’s just true.
    Please do not let this message slip through the cracks this time around. My quest is not totally self serving. I want to be a working partner in finding the cause and cure for this horrendous and life altering disease for the sake of mankind.
    If for some reason, a consultation with me should proove itself mismatched, I would not be offended and would still gracefully guide you to the right resources for such.
    I cannot express just how sincere I am.
    Thank You for taking time to hear me and for your interest in a much needed, major medical and humane injustice.
    Shawn Klinger-Burrell
    811 Shiloh Road C-4
    (903) 343-1680
    P.S. Incase I never hear from you and/or youare not awareof it already…. The Second Annual Charles E. Holeman Foundation Conference Is scheduled for April 4th, 2009 in Austin, Texas.
    I attended last year. It was awesome.
    This year I am actually going with the survivng founder of the orgonization, Cindy Casey.Ther has already been story produced about her story as a Morgellons victom. It was done by The Discovery Channel; ER Medical Mysteries

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