Timothy Olyphant Joins FX’s ‘Damages’

Jun 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Timothy Olyphant will join the cast of FX’s “Damages” for its second season.
During his seasonlong arc, Olyphant’s character will become entangled with Ellen (Rose Byrne) as she deals with recent personal loss and conflict with her boss, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close).
“We’ve been huge fans of Tim’s all the way back to his New York theater days. His magnetic combination of humor, charm and menace make him a perfect fit for our show. And we’re thrilled to get the chance to write for him,” said a statement from co-creators and Executive Producers Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman.
Production on “Damages,” which also recently added William Hurt to its cast, began Tuesday in New York. The 13-episode second season is scheduled to premiere in early 2009.
Olyphant played Seth Bullock on HBO’s “Deadwood.”


  1. As both a Tim Olyphant fan AND having loved season 1 of Damages … I am thrilled to hear about this and can’t wait to see season 2 !!!

  2. The first time I saw Tim Olyphant it was on Hitman I thought he was really a beautiful and talented man; however, I believe Tim just stay on the big screen; because of him I went back to the theater…I went back and purchased, not only Hitman but a Man Apart, Catch and Release, Girl Next door, Leave Free OR Die Hard I sort of learn to know him, at the biginning he was not sexy but now that he is 40, he is much better looking not so skinny….simply wonderful. I wish him the best and I am looking forward to his work.
    Love you Tim as a fan… hope to see you in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
    Bonne Chance, et a bientot
    /Roselie Ciani

  3. Roselie, great post . Tim turned beautiful at 40.
    I can’t wait for A Perfect Getaway. Studios are you listening,more Timothy Olyphant.

  4. Quel merveilleux acteur !!!
    J’ai très hâte de le voir dans la série Damages.
    Et vite, reviens nous dans d’autres films.
    I loye you very much.

  5. Amei a Glenn Close ter ganho o Emmy.
    Agora eu só quero pedir para quem colocou o meu nome na internet fazendo graçinha, por favor tire.
    Caso contrário vou descobrir quem escreveu e vou abrir um processo de danos morais.

  6. I am loking forward to Tim’s new movies. I am extremely happy and already promotig the movies among my friend…big party for tim. Tim is one best actor we have not seen in a long time
    I love his style and funny side….
    A bientot Tim

  7. I have the biggest crush on this man. I saw Hitman and it was love at first sight LOL Anyway now that I know he’s on this show I’ve never even heard about, I’m going to faithfully watch it every week.

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