WCBS’ Picinich Joins Italian American Network

Jun 10, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The newly-formed Italian American Network (IA Net) has named James K. Picinich as its inaugural vice president of programming and development.
Mr. Picinich comes to IA Net from WCBS-TV in New York, where he was the director of broadcast administration. Before that, he was program, sports and news production supervisor at the CBS Network.
Mr. Picinich will be responsible for creating the online programming for IA Net’s broadband network, www.ItalianAmericanNetwork.com.
IA Net premiered the English-language broadband video platform last month, and plans an HD linear television network, a video-on-demand offering and a mobile content platform, as well as home entertainment and publishing initiatives.
“Jim’s strong background in production and development meshes perfectly with the overall creative vision of the Italian American Network,” said IA Net CEO Tony Ceglio in a statement Tuesday. “We are excited to have him as an integral part of our executive team.”
IA Net is a recently formed advertiser-supported multiplatform media company aimed at Italian Americans.


  1. I worked with Jim Picinich for many years while I was Broadcast Counsel for the CBS Law Department. Your network is very fortunate to have him aboard.

  2. Is this Jim Picinich from Amsterdam, NY?

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