Web-Ad Drill Down

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With an increasing number of advertising dollars moving to Web video, spending on product placement and other forms of integrated ads is becoming a bigger factor on the Internet.
That has created a demand for a way to measure the effectiveness of branded entertainment in digital video, and research company iTVX says it has developed a system that quantifies the quality of product placements.
“Advertisers and content providers needed to have a tool and currency to do business in this multifaceted digital world that includes webisodes, user-generated content, Web music videos, Internet broadcast TV and interactive product placement,” said Frank Zazza, CEO of iTVX.
ITVX claims it is the first to measure the quality of branded entertainment in digital video. It also has similar measures for movies and TV. Among other companies measuring branded integration on TV are the Nielsen Co, and IAG Research.
Like its tools that measure branded entertainment in TV programming and movies, iTVX’s new product, In Web, examines 60 aspects of a piece of content at intervals of 100 times per second. For Web video, iTVX has added two new factors: One looks at the duration of brand exposure relative to the shorter duration of content on the Web, the other adjusts for the background environment surrounding branded content.
When all the factors known to contribute to the effectiveness of branded entertainment are taken into account, iTVX uses predictive analytics to compute a ratio that allows marketers to compare the strength of placement from media to media.
Branded entertainment scores lowest when a product appears in the background of a scene; it scores highest when it appears in the foreground or gets talked about or used by the people featured in the content, Mr. Zazza said. Expressing the character of a brand also generates more recall and recognition than talking about what the product does.
The system allows the marketer to estimate the value on a piece of branded entertainment before it appears, Mr. Zazza said. That valuation is computed by combining the data with the cost per thousand viewers (CPM) and the number of viewers.
“We rely on iTVX for branded entertainment valuations in TV and movies,” said Robert Witter of Ford Global Brand Entertainment. “Having In Web video valuations will certainly help clarify Ford’s cross-platform [return on investment] on branded entertainment and product placements.”
But Mr. Zazza cautions that In Web isn’t a “silver bullet” that answers every question. “It’s just going to measure the quality of the branded entertainment on the Web,” he said.
Mr. Zazza said it has been developing the new product with some of its clients, including Unilever, Henkel, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, and Ford.
“It’s an easy way to do business between the advertisers and the content providers,” he said. That’s particularly important as more advertisers are saying only advertising that gets measured is going to be bought, he said.

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