CW Mullin’ Some Summer Lovin’

Jul 19, 2008  •  Post A Comment

In what would be a radical revamp of its programming calendar, The CW is seriously mulling a plan to launch its 2009-10 lineup in the summer
CW Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff said Saturday that the network could premiere its schedule in late July or early August 2009. While networks have premiered a handful of shows in past summers, it would be unprecedented for a network to launch its full lineup in the summer.
“The idea is to get out of the fray and bring viewers in when there’s not as much competition,” Ms. Ostroff said, adding that the network has “to zig when others zag.”
Ms. Ostroff explained the network might essentially end its season in April, with some bridge shows filling the gap in May and June.
Fox also has made rumblings about shaking up its rollout plans by launching shows in August or by having shows premiere in March and run through July.
During a session with reporters Saturday at the TV Critics Association press tour, Ms. Ostroff also brushed off questions about the long-term viability of the CW. She noted the cultural success of “Gossip Girl” and the intense pre-season buzz for “90210.”
“I think that we all feel we are on our way,” she said.


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