Quicktakes: Do you think the Television Critics Association press tour is relevant in its current format?

Jul 6, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“Speaking just for myself, it gets more relevant all the time. I work in a city that’s been outside the top 50 TV markets since Hurricane Katrina. The access I get on the TV tour … can’t be matched by conference-call phone interviews. … It remains a newsgathering event unlike any in the entertainment business, and helps to ensure that the most pervasive medium in history won’t be interpreted and explained and critiqued exclusively by Los Angeles- and New York-based outlets … and trade press.”
– Dave Walker, president, TCA, and TV critic, New Orleans Times-Picayune
“The TCA needs to recognize that showrunners, studios and networks regard TV bloggers as the new marketing machine and that we are in fact the critics of the people. We allow a forum for fans to communicate with each other and in turn allow a show to thrive and grow long after a series ends.”
– Dan McCallum, editor, DuckyDoesTV.com

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  1. As a independent TV blog, we agree with both of the above comments, and can particularly empathize with Dave’s plight. However, Dan is right that bloggers are certainly the new frontier, and at the very least it would be fascinating for the TCA to give us virtual access (and in these tech-savvy and fuel-challenged times it would be especially pertinent), providing the sessions in streaming video so all of us out here writing about TV could watch along. On-site attendees can and should enjoy the parties and the schmoozing — in exchange for full access to the canapes, how about letting the bloggers at least in on the info, which of course we’ll get anyway eventually. And heck, you don’t even have to let us interact; just a fly-on-the-wall video feed would satisfy most of us, I’d reckon.
    Dan is also very right when he emphasizes the fan aspect of blog readership, as we’re often out there plugging a deserving show week after week when other outlets may have moved onto other news. I think we needn’t even go into the issue of whether blog writers are as qualified or informed as other TV critics — we are. Thanks and we’re enjoying the TCA coverage so far!

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