Siegenthaler Joins Family PR Firm

Jul 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Former NBC News and MSNBC anchor John Siegenthaler has joined Siegenthaler Public Relations, a Nashville-based firm founded by his late uncle Tom and run by his cousin Courtney.
Mr. Siegenthaler, who left NBC News as a result of one of the earlier waves of budget-cutting in 2007, will be based in New York as a partner and CEO of the public relations firm’s operations there.
“For both professional and personal reasons, I look forward to helping lead this company that bears my family name,” Mr. Siegenthaler said in Thursday’s announcement. “I had the great opportunity to serve as a network anchor and journalist during a period when television provided most of our citizens most of their information. That media landscape has changed dramatically with the magnetic pull of the Internet, and the movement toward convergence. The transition offers those of us with professional communications skills and experience to serve new constituencies in fascinating ways.”


  1. As a broadcaster for more than 58 years and the last 45 with WIS TV, an NBC affiliate, I am glad that most of my years were during “the golden age” before convergence, cable and confusion. I was hoping that John would be the choice for THE NIGHTLY NEWS as I so appreciated him when he delivered the goods on weekends. I am delighted he will now be imparting his excellent skills in a family pack. A former colleague of mine, Phil Rich, crewed with John when at the Bush ranch and said that John was most professional and pleasant. That is also reassuring to hear from someone on the inside. John, bravo! Joe Pinner

  2. Miss hearing John’s voice on the news. Will he ever return

  3. What a top notched anchor he was .. he had such a great attention grabbing voice ..he delivered the news with a dignified and graceful professional poise ..he would make a great replacement for Coric on CBS .. I really miss his ” I will see you again next weekend if not before signoff” ..a brilliant personality who is greatly missed .

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