ABC News, USA Today Link for ’50 States, 50 Days’

Aug 21, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC News is partnering once again with USA Today, this time to visit all 50 states, one each day of the 50 days leading up to the Nov. 4 election.
The project, “50 States, 50 Days,” will launch Monday, Sept. 15.
ABC News anchors and correspondents will take road trips that focus on issues facing voters in each of the states for segments appearing on each of ABC News’s daily newscasts.
USA Today will assign reporters and photographers to seven states a week.
The two news outlets will share content and produce complementary interactive features for their Web sites, ABCNews.com and USAToday.com.
ABC News visited all 50 states several years ago, but that was over the more leisurely course of a year.
It has partnered with USA Today on series such as “Iraq: Where Things Stand” and a number of healthcare subjects. One year after Hurricane Katrina hit, the two news organizations shared resources to produce “Katrina: Where Things Stand.”


  1. I am so sick of all of this talk about Obama. Why is no one bringing out all the things that McCain has not done or is doing. Lieing about bring the soldiers home. He said that the soildiers can stay over there for a 100 yrs if that is what it take.
    He is a great story teller, he tell you what you what to here. I can’t see no Black person voting for him. How can he help us and he never walk in your shoes. We need someone who has walk in your shoes,we need someone to run this country that has a back bone.
    Mccain, has never been without shoes, clothes, or food. Has he taking the time to talk to us, no!!! All he think about is the White Collar people. There is more of us than them. They may have all the money. We has the numbers and money can’t put a man in the White House, but number can.

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