‘American Idol’ Revamps Syndicated ‘Rewind’

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“American Idol” is getting a revamp for its new season—at least in syndication.
The country’s top nonscripted weekly syndicated series, “American Idol Rewind,” will be added to TV Guide Channel’s lineup this fall. It also will undergo a format change, combining looks at “American Idol” seasons three and four with in-depth interviews with some of the series’ stars, including Carrie Underwood.

Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood on 'American Idol Rewind'

LET’S DUET Fan favorites Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood will be featured on a revamped “American Idol Rewind.”

“This year will be more highlight-driven as we focus on the journeys of some of the contestants from seasons three and four who became household names,” said Tracy Verna Soiseth, executive producer of “American Idol Rewind.” “With some of the names ranging from Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia to Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice coming out of these shows, there is a lot of fun stuff for us to explore where you get to see the best and worst of ‘Idol,’ including [cult favorite] William Hung.”
“American Idol Rewind” averaged a 1.8 rating in syndication entering July, tops in its category, and will start the coming season with a new distributor, Trifecta Entertainment. In addition, it will appear on new stations in major markets, with the Fox O&Os having signed on for the show.
“Distribution of the series has been great and we expect to be above 95% for the new season,” said Hank Cohen, CEO of Trifecta. “Stations are excited about the changes to the show, and Tracy is putting together a more complete book as we rewind the journeys of people that audiences care about.”
Trifecta also recently sealed a deal with TV Guide Channel, which will run episodes of the series a week after they hit stations.
The new season will focus more on the memorable moments and unaired footage, from auditions to the finale. Season three takes the stage for the first half of “Rewind” and season four is the focus of the latter half. In addition, producers have planned a Carrie Underwood special for the final episode of the season.
“Carrie walks us through her ‘Idol’ experience from her audition to her win, and discusses with us the highs and lows she went through as part of the process,” said Ms. Soiseth. “She gets very specific with her greatest challenges and uncertain nights as well as what she thought about the competition.”
The series will offer exclusive interviews with the two seasons’ most memorable performers, who reveal how the competition affected them behind-the-scenes.
“‘Rewind’ has always been a phenomenal show, and we are now able to make the show the best it can be,” Mr. Cohen said. “‘American Idol’ is such a juggernaut that we can now give fans a show that better reflects what fans love about the show.”


  1. I love watching Rewind because of all the bad singers! I love to watch their expressions when all 3 judges tell them, they can’t sing . . . PRICELESS!!

  2. A Carrie Underwood Special??

  3. I was excited to see season 4 again, but now I’ll have Carried Underwood shoved in my face during the whole production. Yuck! I’ll tape so I can mute and fast forward through her segments.Yuck, Yuck, and more Yuck!

  4. Carrie is the biggest star the show has found so a special on her is warranted. She’s had more success than all other contestants from AI3 and 4 combined.

  5. I kind of wish they’d just continue the way the first 2 seasons have been presented. I didn’t really get into it until Season 4 & thought Bice was miles above Carrie in terms of stage presence, tho both were great singers. Would have liked to have seen the whole (or most) of Season 3 since I missed it. I never thought much of Aiken till I saw him in Season 2’s “ReWind” this year – that guy really had/has the chops! Sorry for doubting you, Clayboy. Whatever happened to Tamyra? She was just as good as Kelly in Season 1 and should have made the finale.

  6. So season 3 is only about jennifer hudson and fantasia ? So what will happen to the runner up Diana. Would be funny if they erase her from that season. Talk about rewriting history! So from now on the winners will get a get a history makeover from 19.

  7. I’m so looking forward to seeing Bo Bice again.
    Loved him on Season 4, he was like a breath of fresh air. CU is very talented, just not my thing. Love the southern rocker.

  8. I don’t wanna see no country singer…geesh!

  9. Okay I’m not looking forward to this. I want to see the whole show of both seasons not any out takes and clips or best of crap. Why can’t they just do it like the first two seasons? This sucks.

  10. If Carrie Underwood’s going to be doing a special segment then I’ll be sure not to watch. I want to see Fantasia.

  11. I hope this is not all ‘Rewind’ is going to do for Season 4. I want to see the whole season!! Word was that Season 4 is being shown this fall on Fox so I hope this TV Guide thing is just in addition to that!

  12. •••> Carrie is the biggest star the show has found so a special on her is warranted. She’s had more success than all other contestants from AI3 and 4 combined. •••> Carrie is the biggest star the show has found so a special on her is warranted. She’s had more success than all other contestants from AI3 and 4 combined.

  13. I’m sick of seeing Carrie Underwhelming paraded around like a pageant queen. She’s a good country singer but lacks in stage presence and isn’t that exciting to listen to. For interviews/narration I’d rather see someone articulate and interesting like Constantine and/or Nadia do it.

  14. I’d take anybody over Carrie, Bo, Scott Savol and maybe Constantine (undecided). Heck, I’d even take Randy as a host over Carrie. That says a lot since I loathe Randy almost as much as I dislike Carrie.
    I think Vonzell, Nadia or even Mikalah would be good choices. At least they’re not stuck on themselves like pretty, pretty princess.

  15. Season 4 was by far the best, loved Bo and Carrie and would have been happy with either as a winner so I can’t wait to see some behind the scenes perspective. But to you Carrie haters out there, go to one of her concerts and you might be surprised, she is a dynamic performer and only getting better with experience. Carrie connects with her audience because she comes across as a genuinely nice, sweet person, who can really sing Country or Rock or Pop or just about anything. Carrie Rocks!

  16. I have waited 2 years to see season 3. I don’t think it’s fair to the viewers to revamp now. Fantasia and the rest of the contestants deserve to be seen again. I missed the first part of Season 3 and I think it is most unfair not to air it in it’s entirety. I like Bo and Carrie, however, I am more than a little tired of seeing so much of Carrie.

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  18. if this is the way they are doing the show they really should change the name.
    Yes Carrie is one of the most successful (Kelly is also she didn’t have a special).
    But what about fans of all of the contestants.
    This is very unfair to season 3 and other contestants besides Carrie/Bo in season 4.

  19. I like the current format. I wish they would stick with it. I wonder if there is someone you can write to and be heard.

  20. What is wrong with you people? Carrie Underwood is awesome! A special on her will be amazing.
    The show is to find the best superstar and she’s it. I will gladly watch the special and so will other Carrie Underwood fans.
    This is going to be so great!

  21. I HATE the new rewind Season 3! I want to see the entire season, all the singers not highlights. I get highlightes in the magazines. I want to see every song they all sang like 1 & 2.
    What a rip off!

  22. Wow, as usual, the producers of AI have found a way to screw things up and make people angry. I really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 of AI Rewind, and have been seriously looking forward to seeing Latoya London’s performances again, not to mention some of the others, and now what do we get? A few lines of songs here and there by each contestant. Hey, AI, the new format STINKS!!!

  23. Ugh, I really dislike this whole Highlight-Season 3. I don’t need an update, I want to watch the WHOLE season!!!! ANNOYING!!! PLEASE BRING THE ORIGINAL FORMAT BACK!

  24. They have ruined Rewind. 4 episodes of auditions, one week for Hollywood then two weeks for the top 12? Terrible! Way too rushed. So rushed it’s almost not worth watching. Go back to the old format of one episode per top 12 elimination.

  25. I hate the way they’ve chopped up the rewind for season 3 into basically a “highlight” edition. I absolutely hate it! I agree with one of the other comments –it’s barely worth watching now.

  26. I agree. Too rushy. I have enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 and now season 3 has already ended. This totally sucks. Please re-air entire season 3 just like season 1 and 2, especially for some of us who missed out on the original episodes.

  27. What? Are you kidding me.
    I love Carrie UNderwood!!! I am her biggest fan.
    You don’t know anything.

  28. What are talking about? I love Carrie Underwood!!!I am her biggest fan!!!!

  29. PLEASE, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT. I enjoyed the first two seasons of American Idol Rewind and was looking forward to Seasons 3 (Fantasia, Jennifer) and Season 4 (Bo and Carrie). It is living up to its title though — American Idol REWIND. Please press the play button so we can enjoy Season 3 and Season 4 like we enjoyed Seasons 1 and 2.

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