Chart: Top 10 Advertisers on Local Broadcast TV

Aug 20, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Local broadcast is having a tough year. In the second quarter, spending was down 6.1%. The chart below shows that of the 10 top advertisers on local broadcast, seven registered lower spending in the quarter. It’s interesting to note that one of the spenders showing a substantial increase is cable company Comcast.

Rank Company 2008 2007 % Change
1 Chrysler-Cerberus $85,845.9 $85,102.6 0.9
2 Ford Motor Co. Dealer Assn. $70,841.8 $76,879.6 -7.9
3 AT&T Inc. $66,721.3 $92,880.1 -28.2
4 Nissan Motor Co. $65,543.8 $75,608.4 -13.3
5 Toyota Corp. Dealer Assn. $63,233 $66,622.1 -5.1
6 Honda Motor Co. $62,861 $66,513.5 -5.5
7 Comcast Corp. $50,522.6 $29,984.1 68.5
8 Toyota Motor Corp. $47,502.3 $48,924.1 -2.9
9 General Motors Corp. $44,517.6 $42,103.1 5.7
10 Verizon Communications $43,906.5 $62,620.8 -29.9
Source: TNS Media Intelligence


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