‘Do Not Disturb’s’ Vacation May Be Permanent

Sep 25, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Fox’s “Do Not Disturb” is checking out—for at least a week, and possibly for good.
The network has decided to preempt next week’s installment of the 3-week-old comedy, replacing it with a repeat of the nearly-as-low-rated “’Til Death.”
Preempting a new series so early in the season is never a good sign, and usually is a precursor to complete cancellation. However, a representative for the show’s producer, 20th Century Fox TV, said the studio hadn’t been notified of any cancellation as of 3:15 p.m. Los Angeles time.
Nonetheless, there was speculation around Hollywood Thursday that “Do Not’s” days were numbered. And on Thursday afternoon, the Web site of Entertainment Weekly reported that “Do Not” would not be back. The magazine cited sources inside the Fox network.


  1. Can somebody tell me why ‘Til Death is still on the air for its third season?

  2. Jerry O’Connell needs to just go back to doing Dramas. He’s two-for-two with the comedy thing. At least on Crossing Jordan he saw a steady paycheck.

  3. I’m not surprised!

  4. i agree with everyone. i strongly feel that this show sucked. Yeah, the promos were funny but when you watched the show; it literally put you asleep. I saw the first episode and the even the audience wasn’t laughing was does that tell you.
    Jerry O’Connell needs to go back to doing shows like Sliders and Crossing Jordan. The woman from Reno 911 needs to stay on that show. Overall, the show sucked and I’m glad that Fox canceled this show.

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