Fox, CBS Stations Sign on for Syndie ‘Mother’

Sep 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

After steady seasons of rising popularity on CBS, “How I Met Your Mother” now has closed key deals in syndication, where it will launch in fall 2010.
Series distributor Twentieth Television has locked up deals with Fox-owned stations in the nation’s top three markets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In addition, the series will air on CBS-owned outlets in Philadelphia, Dallas and Boston in opening deals for the show.
A spokesman for Twentieth declined comment.
As sitcoms dried up on prime-time lineups, demand has become greater in the back end for series such as “Mother,” which has increased its ratings since it launched. Recent launches of “Two and a Half Men” as well as “Family Guy” last fall quickly rose to the top of the off-net ratings charts.
However, because of the plethora of reality and drama series on prime-time network schedules, 2008 will mark the first year in recent seasons where there will be no broadcast network half-hour series debuting in syndication.


  1. I’ll preface this by saying I don’t have a horse in this race, ie no competitive reason to throw this show under the bus.
    However, “How I Met Your Mother” ought to be EXHIBIT A as to why the 4 major networks ought not to turn their backs on comedies.
    The show is pedestrian at best, indicating that the entire viewing public isn’t off watching new media content or playing video games — They’re willing to tune into multi-cam shows, even if they’re derivative and unoriginal as this one is. It might be worth the networks’ $ & energies to invest in a show even remotely inspired, as there’s this near-extinct creature called “syndication $’s”, which might make their network bosses a bit happier.

  2. I agree networks need to value comedies more, but your assessment of “How I Met Your Mother” shows me that you’ve never really watched it (or only watched it once or something) — it is an intrepid multi-cam show that actually tries to bring a different rhythm and energy to a tired form. Yay HIMYM!

  3. Doug –
    Sorry for the late reply, I couldn’t find this article on the site again.
    You’re correct, frankly I haven’t seen it more than a handful of times over the years. Based solely on your post, I will give it a fair(er) shot.
    My complaint is that it’s that same pitch I heard countless times (single 20-somethings), another variation of “Friends”, many of which have aired, few succeeded. And what little I’ve seen, I think of that genre and wonder “this is the one that made it?”
    Actors are good-looking but bland, all dressed in Banana Republic, there’s little richness to it. No Norm, Cliff, Carla, Kramer/Elaine, no characters of much imagination (again, consider I’m the source). The blatant gimmick of flashbacks – and too many of them.
    I watch 2 comedies on all of network TV and my bar is set pretty low. I’ve got the tivo set for Monday and ensuing weeks and will give it a try…Thanks.

  4. Doug –
    I just watched the season premiere and it was absolutely dreadful. Far far worse than I remembered. Case in point, there was a b-story, w/ the girl from Scrubs, where it appears they didn’t even go for any laughs.
    Intrepid? There’s little, if any, material. The cutaways and flashbacks are smoke n’ mirrors. None of the scenes (ie lack of laughs) could be sustained longer than 30 seconds. Only Neil Patrick Harris is worthwhile.
    For the record, please multiply my original comments by 4.

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