‘Maddow’ Bests ‘Larry King’ in 2nd Week

Sep 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“The Rachel Maddow Show” continued to show strong appeal in its second week on MSNBC, beating CNN’s “Larry King Live” in total viewers and in the 25-54 demographic that is key in news programming ad sales. The ratings boost lifted MSNBC’s prime-time block over CNN for the week, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.
Ms. Maddow attracted an average 1.72 million viewers, 590,000 of them in the 25-54 demo for the week of Sept. 15, when a presidential forum preempted the 9 p.m. hour on Thursday. Mr. King averaged 1.68 million viewers over the same four nights, 540,000 of them in the demo.
Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” averaged 3.59 million viewers on the same nights, 906,000 of them in the news demo.
Ms. Maddow’s performance was up from MSNBC’s third-quarter average to date of 901,000 total viewers, 337,000 of them in the demo.
Mr. King’s show was up slightly from its third-quarter average in total viewers (1.63 million) and down slightly in the demo (from 543,000).
Fox’s “Hannity & Colmes,” which got a big boost last week from an interview with GOP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin, was up from its third-quarter average in total viewers (2.41 million) and in the demo (621,000).
From 8 to 11 p.m. last week, MSNBC averaged 532,000 demo viewers to beat CNN’s average of 520,000 viewers in the demo.


  1. maddow is no better than olberman and matthews – i’ll stay with fox —- you need some real unbiased people to do the shows

  2. Yeah Stan, people like Billy O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are about as unbiased as Joseph Goebbels. Ask their good friends at the Heritage Foundation – who helped architect the largest money grab in history with the corruption of the financial services sector. How is that “Free Market” working for your investment portfolio, or do you hide you money in your sock drawer?

  3. Oberman and Matthews are trying to justify their way over the top salaries by stirring thing up.
    Both unprofessional….and unlikely served their country and never will…
    Why dont they try raises their right hand,do real journalism rather than lip syncing, Fakes.

  4. Olbermann and Matthews are the only ones asking questions and demanding answers. I guess if you like softball, Hannity is your spinner. If you like lying frauds, Papa Bear O’Reilly — he’s your dude! I suggest a strong dose of Colbert to give you a more balanced diet.
    Go Rachel, we love you! It’s about time someone put a strong woman on to counter the Fox & Friends bimbos.

  5. Eric — served their country? In what way? Like the current chicken hawks who rammed us into this unnecessary war, you mean? Like Bill O’Reilly, perhaps? If you don’t know these people’s service records, I suggest you look them up. Hypocrite!

  6. I nominate Obermann, Mathews and Maddow (mini Obermann) as the Worst Persons in the World!

  7. Rachel is as much as an unbiased reporter (I use that term loosely) as her partner in crime Olbermann. They are about as pathetic as any spin doctors I have ever seen.
    I wonder when Olbermann will get the nerve to show up on the factor? I think we all know the answer to that, he never will he is too scared. He only puts ppl on his show that wont argue with his point, he never gives the other side of things. On the rare occasion that someone does disagree with him he has a little pout fest.
    Rachel is his disciple in every sense, she follows him exactly. It is like watching very anger bitter paint dry.
    I am a registered Independent and I voted for CLinton both times, and I would have voted for Hillary this time around if she was on the ticket.
    The way Olbermann practically blushes everytime he talks to or about Obama has made me realize, the man that Olbermann wants in the White House leading our country is the one I do not want.
    He needs to go back to ESPN and stick to what he knows about, sweaty jockstraps and athletes. Leave the real news to ppl that can handle it.

  8. OH yes and to Wanda….did you watch the Obama 2 part special on Olbermanns show. He wasn’t throwing softballs you are right, he was throwing roses. I was waiting for him to jump up and make out with the screen.
    Olbermann is a joke along with his sidekick Maddow. I usually lean left as an independent, but I think Olbermann is so far left it is almost, wait it is scary.

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