Master of Sci-Fi: David Howe

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If science fiction/fantasy is a genre, it’s just about the broadest one there is, says David Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel.
“We’re far from just about space,” he said. “It’s anything in the realm of the speculative, anything set five minutes into the future or using technology that’s not quite real.”

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Mr. Howe and his channel hardly have the genre to themselves as far as television is concerned.
“This is a genre that people have woken up to,” he said, estimating there are about 12 hours scheduled on the broadcast networks that fit in the Sci Fi mold.
Mr. Howe said that everyone’s interested in this genre as kids, but as talented people grow up, they’re steered into more serious pursuits. But producers increasingly are returning to the genre, and those who are successful are finding ways to make their stories human and relevant, particularly to younger viewers.
“The traditional trappings of sci-fi, which are technology and the future, are less interesting [to viewers]. They’d much rather interact with a story which is an alternative take on the present. It offers them an escape from the everyday and takes them on a journey which is not a million miles from where they are now,” he said.
Under Mr. Howe, Sci Fi is broadening out from being a TV network to a multimedia, multiplatform machine, designing franchises that can be launched simultaneously as programs, games and comics.
“Whoever cracks that nut does have a fantastic business model that is unique and doesn’t exist now,” Mr. Howe said.


  1. Mr. David Howe, you have done an exellent job as president of the sci-fi channel. I had no problem with the former owner Bonnie Hammer of whom did her fair share of ups and downs. My brother and i love sci-fi channel.
    Another channel that i watch frequently is ABC family which has the popular sci-fi genre tv series “Kyle XY” (Its ratings were of the highest on the program but plummeted in 2009. The popularity still exists..only online where most watch the episodes and not on (TV).
    Since this has happened, the president of ABC family has cancelled kyle xy, ending the series without a proper ending and firing the actor/actresses too. Many fans are now left in tears.
    So i ask you on behalf of all the fans and our desperation to continue the series of Kyle XY. The filming has ended for them, and writers,actors,producers are also off the project
    until a channel can accept their tv series to be continued with new episodes.
    If you could please Email me back with a courtesy response then that would be great. I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

  2. Mr David Howe, as a 30 year sci fi fan I am writing because the sci fi channel has been flooded with disaster movies, tornados, asteroids, volcanos, tital waves as well as killer snake, bears,ants,etc…please it seems every saturday night were stuck with one of these grade b or c movies. We need some relief!
    Also if your looking for a new series idea or movie( wing comander ) which was one of the best sci fi movies out there desparately needs a sequel
    Kenneth Reid
    Roanoke Va

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