McCain Powered Up Online Ad Spending in August

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Republican presidential nominee John McCain amped up his Web video advertising in August while Democratic nominee Barack Obama decreased his online ad spend, according to data released today from Nielsen Online.
The measurement company said Sen. McCain increased his “image-based” impression by 254% over the prior month while his sponsored search links rose by 43%. Meanwhile, Sen. Obama decreased the number of image-based impressions by 48% and sponsored links by 18%. Nielsen did not cite a reason for the change.
Meanwhile, as Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is generating the headlines, online buzz remains focused on the candidates, Nielsen said. Sen. Obama has a slight lead when it comes to online consumer discussion, followed by Sen. McCain, then Gov. Palin, then Sen. Hilary Clinton.
During the Democratic Convention Web traffic to BarackObama.com increased 32 percent, but traffic to JohnMcCain.com rose 242% during the Republican convention.

Top 20 speakers ranked by online buzz

Speaker Index
1. Barack Obama 100
2. John McCain 97
3. Sarah Palin 80
4. Hillary Clinton 33
5. Joe Biden 26
6. George W. Bush 12
7. Michelle Obama 12
8. Bill Clinton 11
9. Cindy McCain 5
10. Ted Kennedy 5
11. Nancy Pelosi 4
12. Mitt Romney 4
13. Al Gore 4
14. Joe Lieberman 4
15. Rudy Giuliani 3
16. Fred Thompson 3
17. Mike Huckabee 3
18. Laura Bush 2
19. Jimmy Carter 2
20. Mark Warner 2

Source: Nielsen Online, BuzzMetrics (Based on analysis of messages posted between Aug. 25 and Aug. 29 for DNC speakers, and between Sept. 1 and Sept. 5 for RNC speakers)

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